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Activity 4 – Green Screen Scanner

Day 4 – Green Screen Scanner

One of the most powerful features of having a device in your class, is the ability to use the camera to capture content. On iPad this can open a world of possibilities when you combine it with an app like iMovieThis is a free app that comes on most deployments in Local Authorities. There are options such as WeVideo and others on Chromebook/Windows laptops and we advise you to speak to your LA digital lead about options.

The tutorial video below is broken into 3 parts. Recording, editing and a Keynote option for additional Creativity.

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We have the Keynote template file available for download. Use the button below to download it to your device.

Download Keynote Template

Download PowerPoint Template

Over to you

Follow the tutorial above to try it for yourself and share your creations with us on social media

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