Keeping Busy and Fit

Keeping busy is helpful for children and young people, but there needs to be a purpose for it. Sending someone for a long stand or a left handed ruler is not purposeful so is a waste of time for everyone. Children and young people are not stupid. Let them know why they are doing something. “Because I said so” doesn’t explain they ‘why’. When children and young people are experiencing anxiety, stress, uncertainty- just like adults- they need to know the purpose of doing something.

This resource can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a couple of examples.

1.Print it out and cut it up. Put the chores into a box, bag or hat and the child/young person has to pick out the chore they have to do for the day/week.

2.Save the picture to your phone/tablet and allow them to choose the chore they want to do. You can edit the picture to score out ones that are unsuitable.


It can be hard sometimes to come up with exercises that can be done at home. Below is an example of exercises that can be completed. Use the timer to show how long for or the numbers to show how many.


PDFs Available Below

chores exercise

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