Information About Autism

This information is designed for teenagers and adults in order to gain more understanding about what being autistic means.


My brain processes communication differently so I may need you to change the way you say something, how long our communication lasts or how long it takes for me to answer you.

Sometimes I know you are talking to me, but I cannot focus on what you are saying because my brain is trying to process too much information.

I may not look at you because looking at you means my brain has to process how you look and try to work out what your body language and face is saying.

My brain has to work really hard to do this, so sometimes in order to process what you are saying I won’t look at you.

I may misunderstand situations with others and it may take me time to move on from this.

For example I may become upset if you ask me to be quiet because my brain processes that as me being given into trouble. I have to work through this

process and might need help.

I may base my communication on past experience which means that sometimes I may react in an unexpected way.

For example if someone has laughed when I have said or done something     before, I may expect others to react the same way.

This works the other way too -if someone laughs at something I say or do and that is not my past experience, it may take me time to move on.

If someone reacts differently to what I expect, my brain starts trying to work out why the reaction was different.

If you are asking a group I am in to do something, I may not initially process that you are asking me to do something too so I may respond slightly later than others.




1 thought on “Information About Autism

  1. Jane Amerson

    It is also good to understand that autistic communication is typically literal and concrete and so if others use language like this (ie say what they actually mean) it can really help with understanding. Also because autistic people process a lot of information it can be difficult to know the context of a comment seemingly “out of no where”, so it is helpful to put the big picture/context around what is being said if this is not clear.


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