Home routines

We have included some resources to support routines at home. At the bottom of the post there is some advice on how to support communication.

Home Routine Resources (PDF Available here)

These are some examples of place you may go or what you may do.

Below are blank day boards. You can add Velcro to the boards or use tac to make them reusable. You can use one strip or the full day board.

Below is an example of a week board. This could be used to show upcoming events for the week or could be used to show where child/young person will go e.g. school-club-home etc.

Below is a first and then/now and next board.


Depending on the stage of development of your child/young person photographs or objects may be more appropriate. For example use a first and then board and place a spoon on first and a duplo block on then. Once you have done this, you would use speech while pointing/touching “First Breakfast (point to spoon). Then Blocks (point to block).”

When using visuals, objects or photographs the verbal is as important to help the child/young person to make the connections and support brain development and processing skills.

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