Have you washed??

It can be difficult for some children and young people to focus on hygiene and what it means. Sometimes they are too excited to start the day, or continue to play that they rush their washing in the shower or bath. Sometimes they are too stressed that their brain cannot break down each step that is needed to ensure they have washed themselves. Sometimes we use songs when they are young to help them. As babies, we often sing to them in the bath as we explain washing. If you think of the nursery song “round the mulberry bush” we sing “this is the way we wash our…”. We sing and we model or show young children how to do it.

As they get older, we stop. But sometimes they still need a bit of help. Using a visual works both as a prompt and as a way of building independence. They can get washed thoroughly in private while still having a reminder to help them how to do it.

Below we have three options. For many reasons, so people may wish to use the phrase ‘whole body’ whereas others will require more specific. You can choose. You can use it as is, or you can print and cut then re-order the steps into an order that would better suit your child/young person. This can also be used for older people who are having issues with memory. As with many of our Independence Promoting Visuals, these can be used at any stage of life.




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