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Did you get a new smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Whether it’s something you get at the start of a new school year, or a perhaps a present for your birthday or Christmas – if  you have a new smartphone, tablet or laptop the following may provide suggestions which may be helpful to you.

1. All Falkirk pupils and education staff are entitled to FREE Microsoft Office for use at home and on mobile devices – this works on all mobile devices and PCs (on multiple devices per person) – the following link describes how to get it:

2. Keeping safe – the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre has provided links to how-to guides from mobile device manufacturers to steps to keeping safe with a mobile device https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/securing-your-devices as well as 5 Simple Steps everyone can take to help provide protection for users https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/blog-post/staying-smart-with-your-christmas-gadgets.

3. The BBC OwnIT app has been designed to help keep children safe online. Please consider sharing this with parents/carers using Twitter, a school newsletter and on the school website – click here for a link to @BBC_Teach Twitter video from Prince William explaining about the app

Here’s a link to more information about the app on the BBC website: https://www.bbc.com/ownit/take-control/own-it-app

Interesting Ways to Use a Mobile Device in Class

Mobilesinclass33ways33 Interesting Ways to Use a Mobile Phone in the Classroom – a compilation of ideas for using mobile devices shared by a number of teachers and collated by Tom Barrett. These ideas suggest classroom-specific ideas for making use of the wide range of inbuilt tools on any smartphone which many learners will bring to school (whether it’s a timer, audio-recording, taking photographs or video, using a QR code scanner and so much more) all to support learning in the classroom. The ideas have been suggested by teachers and if you have an idea you’d like to share then do get in touch with Tom Barrett as his Interesting Ways series of crowd-sourced collections of ideas to use in the classroom develop when teachers share what works for them.

Infographic Poster about the case for Mobile Learning

The Case for Mobile Learning InfographicThe Case for Mobile Learning is a post with a visual infographic poster on e-Learning Infographics site which sets out statistics about the current and projected usage of mobile devices in terms of ownership as well as when and how they are used in any day. Although this is derived from information about the adult population, and impact mainly on businesses, it illustrates a direction of travel in society at large, upon which educational establishments may wish to reflect.
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