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SAMR redefining education

SAMR as a framework for Education 3.0 – is an article by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D, comparing the transition of the Web from version 1.0 (essentially transmitting information to an audience who passively read it) to 2.0 with the advent of social media and two-way tools for feedback, conversation, collaboration and development of ideas. And the case is then made that now there is a move to web/education 3.0 “based on the belief that content is freely and readily available as is characteristic of Web 3.0. It is self-directed, interest-based learning where problem-solving, innovation and creativity drive education. Education 3.0 is also about the three Cs but a different set – connectors, creators, constructivists.”

With increasingly ubiquitous use of mobile devices by learners then there is a case for education establishments re-thinking how best to grasp this chnage in culture, and this article by Jackie Gerstein provides guidance about how this might transform education, incorporating the SAMR model. The SAMR model sets out the stages in use of technologies in education from Substitution and Augmentation through to Modification and Redifinition. This article is also accompanied by a visual infographic to help readers understand these concepts.

Three Good Interactive Visuals on the SAMR Model for teachers – a post by Med Kharbach on the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Blog which describes the SAMR model then provides three different online and interactive graphical posters with links at each section of the SAMR model to either explanatory videos or weblinks or to examples of each in a teaching context.