ICT Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils (August 2020) – Falkirk Council Children’s Services Service Circular 30

Please click HERE for the  Falkirk’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for Pupils.

This AUP was devised in consultation with schools in Falkirk, building on best practice, and taking account of suggestions from a worldwide crowd-sourced policy practices (

Mobile Mail iconHow to set up your personal device for Glow Mail

Please click on the relevant link to view the support documentation for that device:

Android Glow Outlook setup

iOS/Apple Glow Outlook setup

BlackBerry Glow Outlook setup

Windows Phone Glow Outlook setup

Apps for Glow on your personal Mobile Device

Glow_Mobile_Apps_screenThere are several apps for your own personal mobile device which will work with your Glow account. Most will require that once you have downloaded the app you need to use your Glow email address and Glow password to link your Glow account to the app. Recommended apps would include the following – search in the app store for your device for these: OneDrive, OneNote, Office Lens, Sway.

If you are not sure what your Glow email address is then log into Glow and on the RM Unify tiled Launchpad click on your name in the top-right, then choose “My Profile” and your Glow email address should be displayed there.