Purchasing Apps

Process for Falkirk Council primary schools having further apps added

appsFalkirk Council nursery and primary schools which wish to have apps installed on managed iPads should log their request with the Falkirk Council ICT Helpdesk. If the app has a cost associated with it then please remember to include a purchase ledger code and cost centre.

To have apps added to the iPads send a helpdesk call to Logcall.servicedesk@falkirk.gov.uk with the following info:

1. The names of the iPads onto which you wish the app installed. You can get the info from going into the iPad and going to Settings, General, About. They are all named “SchoolName” 01, 02 ,03, etc

2. The exact link to the app. Go to here: https://volume.itunes.apple.com/gb/store and search for it. Then provide the link at the top. There are a lot of similar apps, so it’s important the right app is being sent out.

3. A budget code if they are paid-for apps (note that purchase of 20 units or more get 50% off

Process for Falkirk Council high schools having further apps added

Falkirk Council high school app management will be handled by a school technician, following the similar process to above.