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9 Tips for a Successful School BYOD Implementation

9-stepBYOD9 Steps to a successful school BYOD implementation – a blogpost by Sarah Cornelius which provides advice for schools moving to have pupils use their own devices to support their learning in the classroom. This sets out 9 steps which include ensuring that everyone understands what is hoped to be achieved and all the positive benefits which incorporating multiple types of device can bring to learning – but also recognising the challenge this poses, with suggestions as to how these challenges can best be resolved. It explains the need for everyone to have an understanding of device-neutral applications with a focus on the task to be accomplished, and users choosing the app or webtool which best meets the need specific to the user’s device. Also how helpful it is having a cloud-based platform which is common to all users – Scottish schools all have access to the range of tools and resources via Glow, providing every learner and member of staff with that cloud-based platform.

Digital Icebreakers

Digital Icebreakers Рa post by Shelly Terrell which describes activities particularly appropriate for use when starting a new term or new session with a fresh group of learners, which make use of mobile devices or online tools to help learners become familiar with their new peers, new learning environment, and to share aspirations and possibilities for learning journeys together.