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Star Pupils and Achievements

We are proud to bring you our Star Pupils for this week.  Each Friday at assembly, every class teacher chooses her Star Pupil for the week.  This could be for being a responsible citizen, a successful learner, an effective contributor or a confident individual.

We also like to recognise special achievements amongst our talented and skilled pupils.  This week Josh and Lauren (P6) shared their special acheivements.  Josh showed us his numerous rosettes which he won for his prized cattle and sheep and Lauren for her superb swimming talents.

Well done to them both and all of our Star Pupils for this week!

SOLD! At The Farmer’s Market

The gardening committee were busy this morning preparing the vegetables and plants to be sold at the Farmer’s Market which took place today at the church.  They sold potatoes, runner beans, onions, parsley, cabbage, baby aloe vera plants, Christmas cactus and spider plants.

Dean, Josh, Abigale, McKenzie, Miss Dawson-Bowman and Mrs Waters all went to the church and sold almost everything!  The gardening committee made a grand total of £65 pounds which will be used to buy new gardening equipment, seeds, bulbs and plants for future gardening opporutnities.

Well done to the Gardening Committee!

PSA Upcoming Events

We would like to remind you of a couple of PSA events taking place this summer. There will be afternoon tea and a second hand uniform sale on 13th June at the Sports Afternoon with our Active Schools Coordinator Gordon Phillips. We are looking for donations of second hand uniform items and scone bakers!

There will also be a Family Ceilidh night on Friday 12th September in Mure Hall.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

End of term Show

P4 – 7 have been working on our summer show with Zoe.  The show will take place in the middle of June.  The play is based on several traditional fairy tales which have been re-written by Zoe and the pupils of Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7. 

We have been rehearsing on our stage every Wednesday lunchtime and we will be starting work on our props and staging this week.    The final performance will take place on the 19th June.

We can’t wait!

By Dylan P4

Health Week Activities


As part of our Health Week, Mrs Crawford taught every pupil how to make delicious milkshakes.

We each combined some different fruits, milk and ice cream to make a yummy milkshake!   By Megan-Jane P5  and Max Wengel P4

Transport Police

We had a serious talk from the transport police on Tuesday.  First we were introduced to the transport policemen and the two ladies from Scotrail.

One of the ladies showed us a clip about ‘dangers on the track’ and the other lady showed us a clip about what could happen to you if you don’t follow the rules when getting on a train.

One of the policemen put up some posters which encouraged children to be safe at train stations and we discussed these in pairs. It was a very interesting visit and we now know how to keep safe when we are travelling by train.

By Matthew and Cameron P4

Wee G Bus

We all had fun on the ‘Wee G’ bus this week.  Brian, the driver, showed us a video about internet safety and we were asked some questions. 

After the video we played some games including air hockey, Just Dance, Fifa 14 and Sonic. We hope to get on the Wee G bus again!  By Dean and Amy P5

Uplawmoor Hotel

All of the pupils were lucky enough to take a trip to the Uplawmoor Hotel to watch Chef Alan and his helper Elaine,  make fruit smoothies, wraps and a huge fruit salad.  Mrs Crawford gave us some tips to stop the filling from falling out when making a savoury wrap and Alan helped us to chop up fruit for our fruity delights.  We had so much fun!

A Day in the Life of a Farmer

Mr John McLeod kindly came to visit our school today to talk about dairy and meat farming.  The children learned  about how dairy cows are milked, how much milk they produce and what happens to the milk.

Mr McLeod also told us about cows which are bred for meat and explained how his farm land is maintained.

P2/3 Learning Assembly

In our topic we have leaned the difference between fact and opinion. An opinion is a statement that tells what someone thinks while a fact is a true statement. We created a rap song to show our understanding about fact and opinion. We wrote the lyrics and we decided about the dance movements.

 Moreover, this term we learned to debate and support our opinion using powerful arguments. Finally, in our topic we have learned the difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’. Wants are things people would like to have. Needs, on the other hand are things people must have to live. Children’s rights are needs. Everyone should respect children’s rights.


By Primary 2/3 

Sculpture Workshop and Exhibition

The boys and girls of Uplawmoor Primary welcomed Rachel Lowther last Wednesday afternoon.   Rachel is a Scottish artist, who, in collaboration with other artists, will be  hosting an art exhibition to be held at the Mure Hall on 8th – 21st April 2014. 

Rachel took the time to show the children a variety of sculptures and talked to the children about what inspires artists and their work.  The children participated in a ‘living sculpture’ session which Rachel photographed and will use as part of the exhibition in April. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are all looking forward to the exhibition in April.

For more information please follow this link:  


A Trip Down Memory Lane?

Mrs McKay has been contacted by Gillian Robson (nee Drennan) who is a former pupil of Eastwood High School.  Following a recent ‘Farewell’ event at Eastwood, Gillian is keen to make contact with former pupils of Uplawmoor Primary School who are welcome to attend an Eastwood High school reunion to be held this year. 

Gillian is looking for Primary 7  classes of Uplawmoor during  1976 – 1977, 1977 – 1978 and 1978 – 1979.  Names which might jog some memories are Shade Munro, Vanda Crawford and Crawford Walker, who were all in Gillian’s year group at Eastwood High School.

As there are parents and grandparents who may read our website, we hope this message may reach the right people!  The event is on the afternoon of Sunday 4th May 2014 at the Redhurst Hotel in Giffnock. 

For more information, there is a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/493027270810375

…and a website address for further information http://www.eastwoodclass78-84.org

Intergenerational Quiz

Liam, Katie, Esme, Jason and Eve (who was a reserve) from Primary 7  competed in an intergenerational quiz at Carlibar Primary School.  Local residents Dodo, Eric, Sheila and Heather, together with the pupils, were  ‘TEAM UPLAWMOOR’.  The aim of the quiz was to work together to teach each other various activities such as texting, playing the Wii, dominoes and ‘hanging the washing’. 

Team Uplawmoor came second and won a medal each.  We spent weeks preparing for the quiz and we all had a great time together and made lots of new friends.  By Liam P7

Watch out! We’re BRIGHT!

Uplawmoor’s JRSO had a very successful ‘Be Bright Day’ today.  All the children and staff had great fun learning about how we can keep ourselves safe on the roads.  The JRSO organised a rotation of activites which included interactive games in the learning lounge, games and activities in Room4, a very informative powerpoint presentation and ‘road safety corners’ in the gym hall.

We started with a parade to show off our bright clothes and hair (there were even traffic light faces from Megan and Shannon!)   After our activities, we performed our road safety raps to the whole school.  They were sung in the style of a Christmas Song with a clear message of how to stay safe. 

Thank you for planning and leading such a fun filled day!  We are so lucky to have such creative and organised JRSO members.   (Also, a big well done to Katie for stepping in at the last minute as Declan was unwell).

The Pupils of Uplawmoor


Be Bright Day

On Wednesday 20th November we are dressing BRIGHT to highlight the importance of road safety.   Pupils are encouraged to wear colourful clothes so they can be seen easily on the pavement and the driveway.  There are lots of activities planned for the whole school which have been organised by the JRSO including a song competition!

We’ll be seeing you then!


Fire Safety Talk

The fire service came to talk to P6/7 about bonfire night and the dangers of different fireworks.  They showed us some gruesome photos of people who had some accidents using fireworks.   

As tonight is bonfire night, the firemen recommend you go to an organised display.   This is the safest way to enjoy yourselves and the fireworks will be spectacular! 

Keep safe and warm!

By Luca P7

Save the Children Presentation

Mrs Strang, who works for an organisation called ‘Save the Children’, came to talk to the pupils today.   Save the Children works in 120 countries and work hard to save children’s lives. This organisation fights for children’s rights and help them fulfil their potential

I found the assembly very interesting becuase we learned about the children in different countries who are malnourished and do not have access to food and water.    I saw some pictures of a child who was 12 years old, but he looked very young and small because he does not get enough food to eat.

For more information go to  www.savethechildren.org.uk

By Dylan P4