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Smoking in Cars legislation

smoking-in-cars-photoFrom 5th of December 2016, a person smoking in a car which is carrying passengers under 18 years of age will be breaking the law. Offenders could face a £100 fixed penalty fine.

The Smoking Prohibition (Children in Motor Vehicles) (Scotland) Act 2016, creates a new criminal offence, committed by any adult (aged 18 or over), where that adult smokes in a private motor vehicle in the presence of a child (under 18years of age), while that vehicle is in a public place. The aim of the legislation is to protect children and young people from the harmful effects of exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) in a confined space.

Exposure to second-hand smoke in cars involves higher concentrations of health-threatening chemicals than in larger, open areas. Even if the windows are opened or air conditioning is used, harmful particles can remain in the atmosphere long after the visible smoke has disappeared. The restriction of a vehicle also means individuals are unable to move away from the smoke.

We all have an obligation to protect children and young people from the risks to their life and health, caused by the exposure to second hand smoke and ensure that every child in Scotland has the best start in life. Growing up in a smoke-free environment is an important part of that.


P4/5 visit the Synagogue

1Primary 4/5 visited Giffnock and Newlands Synagogue on Wednesday 2nd November, and had the opportunity to find out the answers to lots of questions we had been thinking about.

We had an excellent guide called Avril who explained all the different features and artefacts in the synagogue. Here she is showing us the ark, the most important part of the synagogue.

The Jewish holy book, the Torah Scrolls are kept inside the ark. They are ‘dressed’ in beautiful velvet and silver crowns and are treated like royalty.  In the synagogue men and women sit separately and Avril took us upstairs to show us where the women sit.  54 3 dscn3645



First Minister’s Reading Challenge

Today, was an exciting day as we have launched our whole school Around the World Reading Challenge.  Every child in the school has a reading passport, where they will collect and record the reading that they are doing.  Primary 4-7 are taking part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge and will plan their ‘Around the World’ route accordingly.  Primary 1-3 have the opportunity to take picture books and non-fiction books home, from either the class library or the school library, to share with their families.  These books can be recorded in their Reading Passport, alongside any other reading book, to help them get around their route.  There are certificates and prizes for children along the way.  The Around the World Reading Challenge will last all year – how many books will the school read?
Reading Routes and links to the Scottish Book Trust recommended reading list to follow.

dscn3636 dsc00661

Over and Out!

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageSo, our time at Broomlee is coming to an end. We have had our breakfast and we are completing our final activities before lunch. We hope to be back at school around 3.30pm after dropping off our friends at Crookfur.

We’ve had a wonderful week and have made some lifelong friends. I would personally like to say it has been an absolute pleasure spending the week with Josh, Dean, Amy, Lauren, Emma and Emily. They have made me very proud to have been their teacher and it has been a wonderful way to end their primary school journey.

Outdoor Pursuits

The P7s have been busy working with their new friends to build their confidence and face their fears! Emma has been been trusting her leader on a blind trail, Amy and Emily have been climbing an inclined log and Lauren has relied on the support of her new friends to tackle the ‘Mohawk walk’.  Dean and Josh have been learning about safety in archery and we have all come together at supper time to reflect on our outdoor learning experiences whilst writing up our John Muir journals.

What will tomorrow bring?!




Community Council Donation

Uplawmoor Primary, would like to say thank you to Gordon Steel at the Community Council who came to school on Friday with a very kind monetary donation.  Mrs Black from our Fundraising Group and Mr Steel told us of the success of the recent quiz night which was held at the Mure Hall, so we would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all at Uplawmoor Primary.

SK and CG

Bikeability P6

bikeability1and2Primary 6 are invited to complete their Bikeability qualification Level 1 and Level 2.   The Bikeability trainer will be visiting the school on Wednesday 23rd March and will check everybody’s bikes and helmets.


If there are any problems with bikes and/or helmets these must be rectified before the level 1 training starts on Monday 18th April.

Level 1 Bikeability will be completed in the school playground during week beginning Monday 18th April.  The first session will take place on Monday at 2.15pm.  Please bring bikes and helmets on that day.  The next session will be Thursday at 1.35pm.

Level 2 Bikeability will start on Thursday 28th April which will be ‘on road’ training and helmets and bikes should be brought to school.  There will be weekly bikeability sessions which will take place every Thursday at 9.15am.  The final test will take place during the end of May/start of June.


After School Basketball Club P1-3

ballThere is now a new basketball club after school which started on Monday for Primary 1-3.  They passed the ball to each other for shooting practise. They also learnt to dribble around the gym hall.


 I enjoyed it because I learned more about basketball than I did before. I look forward to next week!  Eilidh P2

 I enjoyed it because me and Daniel won all the games. I would definitely go again!  Zara P3

By Amy Cupplesamy



Sun, Moon and Stars

spacePrimary 2/3 are now currently learning about space and what travels round the earth. The subject was science included with space. We learned how the earth travels round the sun and how the earth travels round the moon. We acted it out and got given a planet, some stars, the sun, the moon and the earth. We learned this in four different groups of three.   The name of the groups were moon groups.

By Zara Primary 3

I enjoyed this topic because I read a book before this topic and now I know much more about space. Zara P3 

I learned that the sun doesn’t move but the earth and the moon turns around in a circle. Eilidh P2

It takes a whole year for earth to go around the sun and the moon goes around the earth. Heather P2    



Semi-Final Intergenerational Quiz – 1st Place!

imageimageimage imageTeam Uplawmoor triumphed again today as they came 1st in the Intergenerational Quiz semi-final. A special well done to Emily for hanging the washing, Annabelle and Amy with their fabulous jive, Lauren and Jenni for their superb Wii driving skills and of course, the ladies who danced image‘Gangham Style’ with Amy and Annabelle as their coaches.  We can’t wait for the final which will take place in Largs in November.

A big thank you to Myra, Jan, Jenni and Sheila who have given up their own time to work in collaboration with the children.

We’ll see you soon for some ‘final’ training!