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The Mrs Gray countdown begins…

So, it is with a tear in our eye that we begin the 3 week countdown to Mrs Gray’s retiral.   We can’t quite believe she is going!  She will be missed by staff, pupils and friends of the school.  

Please come and share your favourite Mrs Gray memory with the website committee and we will post them here.


My favourite memory was the ‘Burnt Quiche’ incident. Mrs Gray was having quiche for lunch and burnt it in the oven! Next thing the fire alarm was going off throughout the school and the fire brigade even had to come!

I will miss you Mrs Gray.

By Innes


I will always remember when Mrs Gray burnt the quiche she had brought for lunch causing the evacuation of the whole school and the arrival of the fire brigade!

You didn’t seem to learn from your mistake because you did it again this year but this time it was the toast!

I will miss you and all of your funny stories.

Happy retirement Mrs Gray!

By Bobbi


To begin with I was so scared about coming into Mrs Gray’s class but now I really don’t know why? Mrs Gray makes me laugh and giggle. She has helped me to learn all that I need to from the start of primary 6 until now. Whenever I need someone to talk to she always makes time for me. Mrs Gray I am going to miss you so much, we all will!

I hope you have a very happy retirement!

By Erin

Meet the Teacher

Parents are welcome to come along to the school at 7.30pm on Monday 2nd September to our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and have a look at the various resources we use in numeracy and language.   We look forward to seeing you then.