Hooray for our new House Captains!

The Primary 7s impressed us last Friday with their pitches for House Captains at our assembly.  We had powerpoint presentations, a rap, speeches, paper games, animations, music and even a home movie!  All of the pupils listened carefully, then gathered in their classrooms to vote for their favourite pitch and here are the results:

Caldwell House Captain:  Dylan    Vice: AshleyDSCN3438






Mure House Captain: Adam     Vice: MiaDSCN3439






Tannoch House Captain: Cameron     Vice: Mary







Libo House Captain: Max     Vice: Matthew








Well done to all the Primary 7’s who did a wonderful job pitching to the whole school and entertaining us on a sunny Friday afternoon.  Let the competition BEGIN!

DSCN3434 DSCN3431 DSCN3429 DSCN3432 DSCN3425 DSCN3424 DSCN3418DSCN3442