P6/7 Investigate Electricity

We have been working on building electrical circuits in science with Miss Simpson. We can now build circuits using a variety of components and can draw circuit diagrams to represent them.

We carried out an experiment where we built our own batteries out of lemons. We each had a lemon with a copper penny in it and a piece of aluminium foil in it. The penny and the foil represent electrodes of the battery and the lemon represents the electrolyte of the battery.

In batteries a chemical reaction occurs where chemical energy is converted to electrical energy. We tried to light up a bulb using 15 lemons but it did not work because enough electrical energy was not being made in the lemons to light it up.

We changed the bulb to a buzzer and it worked. The lemons had made enough electrical energy to power the buzzer!

DSCN2839 DSCN2844DSCN2847DSCN2849DSCN2850DSCN2863