Uplawmoor Halloween Disco

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Last night we had a spooky Halloween party with all staff and pupils, advertised by posters we made and displayed all around the school. There were parades for each stage group and also for the teachers and parents. Winners were Jack, Primary 1 who was a sneaky ninja. The Primary 2 winner was Rowan who dressed up as a vicious Viking.  Our Primary 3 winner was Eva who was the little orphan Annie from the old movie. Our fluffy Primary 4 winner was Ruby as a cuddly, pink fluffy unicorn. Our terrifying Primary 5 winner was Gabriel as a headless boy on a plate of cabbage. Primary 6 winner was Cameron as a street wise gangster and last, but not least, our Primary 7 winner was our freaky Frankenstein aka Annabelle. We would like to give the PSA and teachers a huge thank you for all the work they put in for the scary but fabulous Uplawmoor Primary Halloween disco 2015.

DSCN2408DSCN2379By Adam Pollok and Amy Cupples