Enterprise with P4/5


Primary 4/5  from Uplawmoor are currently taking part in a topic called Micro-Tyco. Micro-Tyco is a challenge where children are given £1 and challenged to grow it into as much money as possible in four weeks.

At the end of the four weeks all the money created by the pupils will be invested by a charity called WildHearts who will provide loans to small businesses in the developing world helping them earn their way out of poverty with dignity.

cinemaSo far we have made door stops, bracelets and wine charms and sold them at the village shop. We are running a weekly tuck shop at school and have planned a movie afternoon on Friday 27th February at the Mure Hall.  The cost of entry is £2.50 and there will be juice and sweets available for the children to buy.  Any child who does not bring money to buy a movie ticket will stay at school with a member of staff. 


We are also running a Skills Auction which will take place in school in the afternoon of 7th March at 2.15pm.  This is where rather than goods people donate time, skills or special treats to attract bids.

Common promises offered are; baby-sitting, car washing, ironing, guitar lessons, dog walking, computer help, aromatherapy session, gardening, painting and decorating or the use of holiday home

The list really is endless. Everyone can do something. If you have a business such as hairdressing, massage, reflexology offering an auction freebie can also be a great way to market your services to a wide audience and gain new customers. If you would like to take part please contact Mrs Orr on with a note of your name and the skill you would be prepared to offer. You do not have to have a child at the school to take part. We would love to involve as many people in the village as possible.

Please help us out as all the money is going to a really worthwhile cause.  The more the merrier!

money pic