ERA Support Groups and Woskhops in April and May 2017

Information from ERA Group
We have a very busy and exciting selection of guest speakers and events coming up in upcoming months, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you along-

  • We are very excited to be hosting a full day workshop from Tori Chamberlain-  The Girl With the Curly Hair Project.  The workshop will focus mainly on ASD and Anxiety (10 am-1230 pm) and Autism meltdowns and shutdowns (1-330 pm) on Tuesday the 18th on April, venue is The ARC, 64 Aurs Road, Barrhead, G78 2LW

This is a ticketed event, tickets are available for purchase on event brite or from The Girl With the Curly Hair Project’s  website – I have attached a poster for your interest.

The Girl With the Curly Hair Project is keen to explain that most of the information covered will be relevant to both men and women on the Autistic Spectrum.

  • We are also very pleased to confirm that in addition to this workshop, we will be holding a Parent Support meeting on Friday the 28th April, 0930-1230 which will be held at The Museum on Barrhead Main Street.

Our guest speaker at this session will be Alana MacDonald whois a specialist in dietetics and sensory behaviors surrounding this, she is hoping to be able to have a short question and answer session after her talk.

TBC– also at this session, there will be a focus group which will be facilitated by a family, who plan to open a soft play in the local area, focusing on children with additional support needs and their families.

They would really appreciate hearing from families and carers, and would be able to take on board and put into practice any feedback received.

Come along for a cuppa and a chat with other families.

  • 16th May 2017, Sandlers Cottage, east Renfrewshire Carer’s Centre,  7pm-9pm

We will be hosting a consultation, for families/carers of individual’s with complex additional support needs.

We really look forward to receiving input from these families and  individuals, we would like to hear about what you would like to see in East Renfrewshire, is there any way ERA maybe able to help , is there any information we could share, is there any adaptions we could make to current groups to make these more accessible for all.

Also a great opportunity for a chance to have a chat with other families.

Head Lice

There is now no need to go to your doctor for a prescription for head lice treatment. The same service is now available from Lloyds Pharmacy of 176 Main Street, Barrhead.  If you suspect that a family member(s) has head lice, first pop into the Pharmacy, collect a FREE special detector comb and follow the simple instructions in the leaflet you will be given, which tells you how to collect samples and bring them to the pharmacy.  All family members should be checked at the same time.

If you do not find living, moving lice on the scalp, you do not have head lice and you do not need treatment, even if nits are stuck to the hair shafts. Nits are not head lice, only empty shells.  On returning to the Pharmacy the pharmacist or trained assistant will check the sample and if it is positive for head lice, supply treatment and advice. If the patient is exempt from NHS prescription charges, no charge will be made; otherwise a standard NHS prescription charge applies.

REMEMBER The best way to stop infection is to comb the hair well twice a day with an ordinary comb and check damp hair at least once a week.