Meet the Teacher

‘Meet the Teacher’ workshop is on Thursday 29th August.  Our teachers are keen to meet as many of you as possible. This is an opportunity for us to share important information with you, seek feedback and have an informal chat.

Class presentation: 3.15 – 3.30pm
Class Drop-in:  3.30-3.45pm

Class presentation (repeated): 3.45-4pm
Class Drop-in: 4pm-4.15pm

For families with more than two children, please make use of the drop in slots and teachers will be happy to speak with you then.

As always please contact the school if times/dates cause any difficulties and we will do our best to help.

Health & Safety – MACS Users

After 8:15am the school car park at Neilston Primary is for staff access only. Those of you who use the MACS out of school service (breakfast club) will require to have exited the car park prior to this time, alternatively use the car park / streets out with the campus. The car park is a busy place at this time of day with staff arriving and deliveries taking place.

Mr Gillies

Important Dates 2019-20

We are awaiting our ‘Diary of Events’ to be printed, but in the meantime, please put these dates in your diary.  These are just a selection of important dates:

Thursday 29th August
‘Meet the Teacher’ at 3.15pm

Monday 2nd September
Parent Council AGM at 6.15pm in school

Monday 14th October
School closed for holiday.  Pupils return on Tuesday 22nd October (in-service day on Monday 21st)

Saturday 7th December
Christmas Fair (organised by PTA)

Wednesday 22nd April 
P7 Confirmation at 7pm in St. Mirin’s Cathedral

Friday 29th May
Sports Day

Saturday 6th June
P4 First Communion at 10am

Saturday 13th June
Summer Fun Day (organised by PTA)

Dressing for Excellence

East Renfrewshire Education Department have a policy called ‘Dressing for Excellence’ which is for encouraging all children to wear their school uniform. The guidelines are as follows:

• All pupils are expected to wear a shirt and tie to school every day.

• Primary 1 to Primary 3 pupils are allowed to wear a school polo shirt on P.E. days.

• Black school shoes must be worn in school, pupils are encouraged to change into outdoor trainers at play and lunch time if they wish.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Lunchtime Procedures

Lunchtime Procedures have been updated this session. Please see below:

There will be three sittings for lunch.  Our lunchtime is between 12.35-1.25pm.

When lunchtime begins at 12.35, P1-3 will be served (P1 will go in earlier to begin with to get them used to the new routine).

12.45 sitting 1 (this will alternate between P4-7 and will be timetabled)

12.55 sitting 2 (this will alternate between P4-7 and will be timetabled)

All children will be served lunch by 1pm.

1.15pm tuck shop.


Making school food healthier

More fruit and vegetables, less processed red meat and sugar on the menu.

The Scottish Government and all local authorities are jointly committed to providing the healthiest food to children and young people. This commitment is underpinned by a duty to provide school meals that meet strict nutritional requirements, including encouraging the use of fresh, local and sustainable produce

School food regulations will be amended to ensure:

  • a minimum of two full portions of vegetables and a full portion of fruit are offered as part of a school lunch, with full portions of fruit and or vegetables also available in, for example, tuck shops
  • a minimum weekly amount in the school menu of red and processed red meat provision –  such as bacon, ham and pepperoni

For Primary schools – Ensure no more than 175g of red and red processed meat can be provided over the course of the school week, of which no more than 100g should be red processed meat. All of the 175g amount can be used for unprocessed freshly prepared red meat.

This is a new standard and is based on the Scottish Dietary Goal for red and processed meat which is supported by scientific evidence based dietary recommendations to limit intakes of these foods to 70g per day with the purpose of protecting the health of children and young people. Therefore if a child is to have processed meat in their diet this can be managed at home by parents/carers.

Dietary advice highlights red meat as a major source of iron and zinc which can contribute to meeting the recommended nutrient intakes for primary school lunches removal of fruit juice and smoothies from primary and secondary schools to help reduce sugar intake.

The measures follow extensive consultation and advice from a working group comprising health, nutrition and education experts.

  • Currently all East Renfrewshire school meals are nutritionally analysed and comply with the existing regulations laid down by the Scottish Government.
  • All medically prescribed diets will be accommodated on receipt of an Acute Services Division referral form from a hospital dietitian or a Doctor’s letter detailing dietary requirements.

Early Learning and Childcare Open Day

Early Learning and Childcare Open Day
Saturday 7th September 2019

Find out more about your nursery and childminding options.
From August 2020, the Scottish Government is increasing the number of funded hours your child can get in Early Learning and Childcare from 600 hours to 1,140 hours a year, giving you more choice on when and where you use it. The increase in funded hours will be available to all three and four year olds and some two year olds.

So join us to find out more about what this means for you – and also enjoy fun activities and refreshments.

Staff from East Renfrewshire Council and all our funded providers, including nurseries and childminders, will be on hand to give you lots of information about which setting could best suit the needs of you, your child and your family. 

Where: Carlibar Primary School, Barrhead Road
When: Saturday 7th Sept from 10am – 1pm