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Our first International Day of food, art, music, sport and dance celebrating the many nationalities and cultures in Our Lady of the Missions will take place on Sunday 10th September.

What would you like to do on the day to represent yours?

 Can you or anyone in your family cook, dance, play, sing, perform, run a craft/art activity or do anything else to share your nationality or culture?

Please either return the slip sent from school or email us on olm-parentcouncil@hotmail.com or olm-psa@hotmail.com with the following info asap:

are you likely to come?
what do you want to do?
what is your nationality?
name / child’s name / class / mobile phone/ email address

 Many thanks!



All parents / carers are welcome to the first of our regular coffee and cake events in school – to get to know each other better and share your thoughts on issues affecting the school.  We are delighted to welcome our new and acting Headteachers  Mrs Dillon-Ruddy and Mrs McGrotty to the first get-together which will be:

  • Thursday 22 June
  • 9 am to 10.15 in the Junior Department dining area
  • Topic – OLM is 60 in 2019….what is our vision? How can we as parents be involved?

This will be a very informal, friendly chat to hear what you as parents / carers think. It will also be a good chance to meet parents you may not have spoken to before and hear different points of view. As they say, it’s good to talk!

To gauge numbers /catering, please email olm-parentcouncil@hotmail.com  with your name and your child’s name but you can also turn up on the day if you can’t commit just now. Please note, we’ll experiment with different times and days over time to open sessions up.  We hope to see as many of you as possible!

Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council


Saturday 3th June 2017 1.00pm – 3.30pm

How does it work?

You donate, we sell!  Proceeds from the sale of blazers and all other uniform items go towards the school funds.  Larger blazers are particularly helpful.

How do I donate?

Blazers / uniform should be

  • handed into the school office by the end of the school day on Friday 2nd June
  • in good condition.Blazers: please put a note in the top pocket of the blazer to confirm sex and approximate size. Please also put each blazer in a separate bag.

What will things cost?

Most blazers sold for £10-£20 last year depending on condition. Clothing depended on quality and condition but was still a fraction of the usual cost – most items were £1 each. Some, if still in packets, will be sold for slightly more.  Leftover items will be kept for the next sale (if in v good condition) or donated for charity recycling. Thanks for your support!

What if I want to sell rather than donate?

If you would prefer to sell your blazer or other uniform items and keep the sale proceeds this can be done via the school’s PSA facebook page.

Contact olm-parentcouncil@hotmail.com  or 07954 582689 with queries. Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council

URGENT – Scottish Government consultation on education – closes today 6 Jan 2017 – from Parent Council

First and foremost, Happy New Year from the Parent Council – we hope 2017 is healthy and happy for you and yours.

You may be aware that the Scottish Government has been carrying out a consultation regarding the future organisation of Scottish education. We are sorry to be coming to you so late in the process but the consultation closes today and we hope you may wish to find a moment to complete the online survey (this will literally taken a couple of minutes online) Continue reading URGENT – Scottish Government consultation on education – closes today 6 Jan 2017 – from Parent Council

Parent Council response to ERC consultation on admissions


Please see the attached document which sets out the Parent Council’s response to the ERC Consultation on admissions. This has been very carefully considered by our 31 members and we hope is a fair reflection of the diversity of views in our parent forum. If you have not done so already, please go to   http://www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk/schoolconsultation  to register your own response as our survey and response is not (and cannot be) a substitute for all members of our school community having their say directly.  Bear in mind also both partners in a family can respond if appropriate. The deadline is midnight on Monday 10th October. Thank you.


Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council


Minute taker needed for Parent Council meetings – can you help?

The Parent Council is looking for someone to take minutes of meetings which take place roughly every 6 to 8 weeks. Can you help? Previous minutes can be found on the school web site if you want to see what is required. Essentially, this means attending the meeting; taking notes; typing up the minutes based on those notes and sending them on to the Chair / Head Teacher. A small payment can be made (averaging around £30 per meeting) though if you join the Parent Council this year, it is not possible to be paid due to applicable regulations.

This year’s meetings will take place on the following dates (note the first meeting is this Thursday):

15th September (combined with AGM)
27th Oct
8th Dec
26th Jan
16th Mar
18th May
22nd Jun

If you think you could help for some or all of the meetings, please contact Gillian on olm-parentcouncil@hotmail.com

Many thanks

Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council


Reminder – Parent Council AGM – Thursday 15th September at 7pm in school

We look forward to seeing a many as possible for our meeting and AGM on Thursday.  All parents / carers are welcome. We will be discussing the ERC consultation on changes to admission procedures and then will hold our AGM. Please note the AGM is the only chance to join the Parent Council this year and become a full voting members though parents / carers are welcome to attend any meeting.

For those new to the school, the Parent Council represents the views of parents/ carers in relation to matters affecting the school. In the last few years, we have worked with the school on issues such as traffic, uniform, capacity and communication and hope to have a constructive (and busy) year again this year.

Hope to see you on Thursday.

Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council

Primary 7 Visits

Primary 7 children from St Joseph’s, St Vincent and Holy Name Parish have just received the Sacrament of Confirmation. All three Masses were beautiful; the children were outstanding and should be commended for their behaviour and reverence during the services.

This is the pupil’s final term and it is a very busy one. Below is a list of planned activities. Please complete the attached sheet and return to school as soon as possible. Continue reading Primary 7 Visits

Parent Council Minutes 10th December 2015

1. Welcome

Anne Forsyth welcomed everyone and Gillian Boyle proposed the Approval of the Minutes from Council Meeting on 29th October 2015. This was seconded by [                              ].

  1. Playground Developments
  1. Boyle advised that some initial plans had just arrived but were yet to be fully reviewed. It was emphasised these were simply to provide food for thought in order to establish what the priorities should be.

Discussion ensued re the purpose of the space and how best it should be utilised. C. Jamieson said there was no significant issue in terms of water lying in the area and that there were a range of ideas to be looked at in terms of what could be put in the area. Suggestions include a Muga, open learning space, tangle tree, rubber surfaced covered area, etc and ideally space for the whole school to assemble. Costs will vary significantly depending on what is chosen but to deliver a whole project similar to that described could cost £80 – 100, 000 (ex VAT).

  1. Houston asked whether given the weather it was wise to build on the hill area which could become very muddy and slippery. C Jamieson advised that these were initial thoughts and the priorities were still to be agreed. He explained that it was likely that the development would take a phased approach as it was also dependent on adequate fundraising.
  2. Stewart said that maximising the space should be a priority especially in terms of PE. C Jamieson advised that if there was to be an area for all school children to be able to access for play, consideration would have to be given re the flow of children out to the grass area and that this would need supervision. J Devlin confirmed that children are taken outside for PE when the weather permits but the grass does take time to dry out.
  3. Forsyth raised that there was a need to consider both short term and long term plans for the area. It was agreed that the sub group for playground developments would look at how best to prioritise the options and would perhaps canvas opinion from parents. C.McLaughlin felt that priority should be given to prioritising facilities that were currently unavailable such as the proposed amphitheatre.
  4. Houston asked what the plans were to raise the funding required and how long it was expected to take. C Jamieson advised that during a previous fund raising venture a few years ago for the charity LEPRA, fundraising had raised £7,000 in one day, the highest to date, and that the PSA had around £10,000 funds – although much of that is already committed.

G Boyle raised that it was likely that there would be grants available but it was important to understand what the planned approach was as this would influence what grants could be applied for.

  1. Devenney asked why parents should be funding this when there is an alleged £980m Scottish Government under-spend which should be available to all.

C Jamieson advised that a bid had been submitted to Whitelees but that all fundraising avenues had to be explored. A Forsyth advised that ERC would be asked if there was any under-spend funding available.

G Boyle noted that accessibility was important and may also help leverage funding. C Houston suggested contact was made with Grounds for Learning who have innovative ideas for outdoor spaces. D Heraghty felt the approach should be to clarify priorities, cost those priorities and then plan their delivery. J Stewart raised concern re the raised step in the Junior playground being a health and safety risk with one accident already. C.Jamieson noted that there had only been one incident and at this time it would not be planned to change the step though incidents will of course be monitored.

  1. Boyle noted that an application had been submitted to Tesco for a grant to build a trim trail in the Junior department playground.

C Houston asked for clarification re how the development was to be taken forwards. G Boyle confirmed that a sub group consisting of herself, J Harkins and 2 others from the PSA would be leading on this. C Houston agreed to assist the group.

  1. Year of Mercy
  1. Jamieson advised that the Year of Mercy had been launched in the school and that SCIAF had invited the school to formulate a plan for parents, the parish and the school. Mrs Baker er has created a calendar of events and there are many Catholic Education Week activities on offer. The school celebrated the Year of Mercy with a procession and a visit to the Cathedral.
  2. Forsyth volunteered to be involved in progressing plans for the year. G Devenney asked how often a school priest comes in to offer confession. C. Jamieson confirmed that the priest did come in to offer confession to those preparing for sacraments but acknowledged that it was less often than in previous years.

J Devlin underlined the need for both parents and school to put an emphasis on confession, as did J Stewart who suggested that during the Year of Mercy, year groups could be taken to the all day confession .

C Jamieson agreed to consider this and said he would feedback to Mrs Baker. However the logistics of 400 children and very busy priests were challenging.

  1. St Ninians Cluster
  1. Jamieson advised that at the end of February there would be a visit from the East Renfrewshire Education Thematic Review regarding transitions from age 3 to age 18. It will take over 3 weeks to complete, it is likely that PC and PSA chairs will be involved and he will report back on it.
  1. Achievements and Successes

Positive feedback was given on the following areas:

  • The successful trip to Locherbie Manor – J Devlin highlighted that on every trip the children are praised for their behaviour and manners and they are a credit to both the school and the parents.
  • The increase in the use of twitter was well received
  • The new format information evening, though further options are to be explored to improve attendance
  • The cooking classes have been well received
  • The Christmas fete was recognised as a success
  • 8. Headteacher’s Report
  • Advent and nativity planning underway
  • Parties and the P7 disco are being planned pre Christmas
  • Glenwood nursery will be utilising the Junior department for their nativity
  • The kitchens in the Junior department are being renovated and will take 12 weeks and be ready in Spring 2016, along with a new street area.
  • The Choir has had a busy and successful few months
  • St Mirin won the house trophy


  • G Boyle raised that PE appears to take a back seat while Christmas rehearsals are underway
  • C Jamieson agreed but said if the weather allowed they did try and get outside
  • M. Cumming said that when weather was bad the children often did fitness in the classroom using the white board.
  • P McCann advised that netball and basketball do still take place even when the weather is poor.
  • C Houston raised that the school should provide 2 hours of quality indoor PE each week and that it should be monitored how often they are missing this.
  • Both C Jamieson and G Boyle agreed that monitoring was a good idea.
  • J Stewart mentioned that given the above, perhaps a sheltered PE area should be prioritised in the play ground development plans
  • Next meeting – 28th January 2016



  1. Jamieson, G. Devenney, Gillian Boyle, Anne Forsyth, Jacqueline Stewart, Callum Houston, Denis Heraghty, Jo Heraghty, Christine McCudden, Joe McLachlan, Chris McLaughlin,


Michael Harvey, Mary Moore, Marie-Claire Darroch, Michelle Hynes Fiona Bryant, Pauline Hessett, John-Paul Sheridan, Ishrat Bashir, Afzal Shaikh, Clare Bowes