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We look forward to welcoming you to St Ninian’s for our annual Sports Day on Thursday 21st June. Times for each stage are as follows:

Primary 3 and Primary 4 9:20am-10:20am
Primary 1 and Primary 2 10:45am-11:45am
Primary 5 and Primary 6 12:00pm-1:00pm
Primary 7 1:30pm-2:30pm


  • Pupils should come to school dressed in PE kit, ready to participate in Sports Day (no football tops please)
  • No change of school uniform is required
  • Pupils will walk to St Ninian’s accompanied by staff and S6 Sports Leaders
  • Pupils should bring a water bottle which they will take to the track
  • Pupils should wear sun cream if the weather is hot
  • Please check the school website/twitter from 8.30am onwards for any weather updates:


  • In the event that we cannot proceed due to heavy rain, Sports Day will unfortunately need to be cancelled
  • There will be no tuck shop at the track, however the PSA will provide ice-cream in school
  • Adults – please bring a folding seat if you require to sit
  • Children will leave OLM at normal home time

All races will take place at the running track. Please make your way to the spectators’ area which will be clearly marked in the middle of the track.

If you plan to drive we ask that you park at OLM and walk over to avoid traffic congestion. We need to be mindful that St Ninian’s is operating as normal on this day.

Due to the number of children and health and safety considerations we ask that you do not approach your child during the event.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Yours sincerely,

Marie Kane
Principal Teacher

ProJudo – Judo for Beginners: P1-7

Your child has taken part in a Judo Taster Session today.

We would like to offer your child an opportunity to experience a new sport in your area. This programme is a partnership between East Renfrewshire Active Schools and ProJudo Club. The objective is to introduce beginners to Judo and establish a new judo club in Our Lady of the Missions Primary School for the local community. Continue reading ProJudo – Judo for Beginners: P1-7

Education City

We are delighted to offer home access to Education City. This is an online resource with graded activities, linked to Curriculum for Excellence levels, which will help reinforce your child’s in-school learning. By allowing access at home, your child will be able to access fun, engaging games. Login details will allow your child to access Education City.com from any device which has internet access. The url is http://www.education.city.com/ Continue reading Education City

First Friday Mass – Primary 6

First Friday Mass    St. Vincent’s Church   Friday 6th October 2017

Weather permitting; Primary 6 classes will attend Mass in St. Vincent’s Church, Thornliebank on Friday 6th October at 10am.

We shall leave from school at 9.30am accompanied by members of staff and will return at 11.00am.

The children will walk to/from church via a local route alongside Woodfarm High School and through parkland, thus avoiding any major road crossings

  • Full school uniform, shirt, tie, school shoes should be worn
  • Children should dress appropriately for the weather conditions of the day
  • Parent helpers are needed to assist. If you are able to help, please contact the school by phone or email
  • If there is any change in medical conditions/medication from information given at the start of term, please inform the school office

Primary 7 Hoodies

Primary 7 Hoodies’
This year we have decided to order the P7 ‘Hoodies’ now instead of in the last term. This will give the children the opportunity to enjoy wearing them throughout the year and also wear them to Lockerbie Manor in October.
The cost will be £15 and be paid by ‘Parentpay’ and must be paid before the order goes away on Wednesday 30th August.
Each ‘hoody’ will be embroidered with the school crest on the front, a generic print on the back with every child in P7’s’ name on it and will be royal blue in colour.
Academy uniforms will be coming on Tuesday 29th August to measure children for sizes.
It will not be possible to add to the order after it has been sent away so if you wish to purchase a ‘hoody’ for your child, please complete the tear off slip which has been sent home and return to school by Monday 28th August.


Meet the Teacher Evening

Meet the Teacher Evening –Thursday 31st August 2017 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Wepropose to open the doors of the school on the evening of the Thursday 31stAugust and cordially invite you to visit the school. This will be an
opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and gain information about the
programme for the year ahead. You can also look around the school and visitother classes and even take a wander through our junior department building viathe link corridor.
Pleasenote that this event is a general invitation to all parent/carers and thereforeit should not to be used to discuss individual pupil progress. I would suggestthat this is best done by separate appointment, parents’ evening, etc.
Pleasefeel free to drop in for a short while any time between 6.00pm and 7.00pm andnote that there will be a high volume of traffic in and around the school asnoted from past experience. Whilst I appreciate the logistics for child carearrangements, this event, where possible, should be attended by parents/carers

Forthcoming Masses

Primary 7 pupils will walk to St Vincent’s Church next Friday 1st September and will be the first year group this session to attend First Friday Mass. Suitable clothing approriate to the weathe should be worn.

Mass will be celebrated on Thursday 8th September to mark Our Lady’s Birthday. Primary 5-7 will walk to St Vincent’s and Father Burke will celebrate Mass in school with P2-4. Prayer services will also be conducted for the pupils in primary 1 to mark the patronage of our school and to dedicate the coming yearto the intercession of Our Lady of the Missions. 

We are once again planning a series of Stage Masses with Fr. Jim. These will
normally take place in the school hall at 1.45pm and parents will be welcome tojoin us. Dates will be sent home shortly. The annual Diocesan Mass at St Miri’ns Cathedral for P7 pupils is on 29th September at 10am.