Saturday 2nd June 2018 2.00pm – 4.00pm

How it works?
You donate, we sell!  Proceeds from the sale of blazers and all other uniform items go towards the school funds.  Larger blazers are particularly helpful.

How do I donate?
Blazers/uniforms should be

  • handed into the school office by the end of the school day on Friday 1st June
    in good condition.

Blazers:  please put a note in the top pocket of the blazer to confirm sex and approximate size.  Please also put each blazer in a separate bag.

What will things cost?
Most blazers sold for £10-£20 last year depending on condition.  Clothing depended on quality and condition but was still fraction of the usual cost – most items were £1 each.  Some, if still in packets, will be sold for slightly more.  Leftover items will be kept for the next sale (if in v good condition) or donated for charity recycling.  Thanks for your support!

What if I want to sell rather than donate?
If you would prefer to sell your blazer or other uniform items and keep the sale proceeds this can be done via the school’s PSA Facebook page.

Contact or 07954 582689 with queries.

Our Lady of the Missions Parent Council