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maths week scotland

Maths Week Scotland is approaching quickly and I am excited to share a photo competition which you can get involved in now. Maths is creative, all around us and can be beautiful. It is part of our daily life but sometimes we don’t really think about it. Can you and your family see the maths inside everyday objects? Can you see the maths surrounding us in the wild or in our local area? Can you see the maths inside?

We have two categories in the competition:
In The Wild: if you have captured the wild side of maths in nature.
In My Town: if your photo is taken in and around town and celebrates man-made objects.

Each photo requires a title and a commentary (as short as 5 words but no longer than 250 words). Be as creative as you like. Please see our twitter feed and the Maths Inside website for some inspiration for your photographs: http://mathsinside.com/#

Maths Inside is a national photography competition for both primary and secondary children. In Giffnock we will be holding our own competition based on the same categories and will put forward our winners to the national competition. You can enter two photographs, one in each category.

There are two ways in which you can share your photographs with us:
Share your photograph along with the title and caption on your twitter feed @giffnockprimary (you can also use the #mathsinside and #mathsweekscot)

Email your photographs to gn3b@giffnock.e-renfrew.sch.uk remembering to include the title, the caption and your name. These will then be shared on our twitter feed unless you have stated otherwise on the email

Please share your photographs with us by Friday 4th October.
We can’t wait to see how creative you can be with your photos and are really looking forward to seeing maths in daily life through your eyes.

Yours sincerely,
Miss N Stead
Acting Principal Teacher

P3 ice lolly sale

Dear Parent/Carer

As part of Primary 3’s learning on Numeracy and Financial Education, the children are selling Calypso Ice lollies (Mr Freeze Pops),  for charity.

The children will be selling these at break time from Monday 4th to Friday 8th June (5 days). The ice lollies will cost 30p (limited to one per child per day). Please note these ice lollies are suitable for vegetarians; should you wish further information on ingredients you can visit http://www.mr-freezepops.co.uk/

A final total of the amount raised, along with information on which charity the children choose to support, will be shared before the end of term.

Many thanks

Primary 3


Money Week

Children from Nursery to Primary 7 have been working hard to develop their understanding of money.  Each class has been learning how to count and budget their money as well as hopefully make a profit.  Primary 6 have also been working alongside Virgin Money to create their own mini-business with the investment of £5.  An article on the ERC website can be found here.  An image of the article in The Extra (13/3/14) can also be found below.  

All classes invite you to attend the whole school showcase on Friday 28th March between 1.30pm and 3pm where representatives from each class will talk you through their project.