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crazy hair day

Could we please remind you that tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd September) the Parent Council have organised their annual “Crazy Hair Day” as a fundraiser for the school – please see attached poster for further details.

Children are invited to come to school with crazy hair or hats and bring £1 for a donation which should be handed in to their class teacher.  School uniform is to be worn that day as usual.

Parent Council Events

Dear Parents & Carers

We hope you and your families are all keeping well and everyone has settled back into school.

As you might expect, our fundraising calendar will look slightly different this year, however there are still activities the school are able to do with the children that we’d like to do our best to support.

A few things to look forward to are –

Our yearly “Crazy Hair Day” which will take place on Wed 23rd September (poster attached!).  Children are invited to come to school with crazy hair or hats and bring £1 for the bucket, with school uniform as usual. We look forward to seeing all your crazy creations!

Over the October break we will have “Holiday Helping Hands” where children can be sponsored for helping out with jobs around the house or garden.

Nearer Christmas we’ll have the hugely popular Hamper Raffle!

We hope it’s not too long before we can resume our usual fun events, especially to welcome our new families & get to know each other.

As always, the Parent Council is open to all to help out or to put in concerns or ideas. Please contact us!

Kindest regards

The Parent Council

Meet the teacher 2020

This year Meet the Teacher will be taking a slightly different format and we are delighted to share that these will become available to you throughout this week. The teachers have created an iMovie to introduce themselves and to share important information about the class and the year ahead with you. You will be able to view the iMovie via the Google Classroom. All of our children have access to their Google Classroom and an information sheet has been attached to this email to support this.

How to access Glow resources from home (Aug 2020)

We hope that you enjoy this year’s Meet the Teacher and find it informative.

Nut allergies

Could we please remind you that no nut products should be brought into school as some of our pupils have very severe nut allergies. This not only includes nuts but any products containing nuts e.g. Nutella, Peanut Butter, cakes or biscuits containing nuts etc.

instrumental music service

Dear parent/carer,

We are delighted that our pupils are able to continue their music tuition this session albeit in a slightly different format. To summarise the information which you will have received from the music service the children will participate in their live lesson via Google Meet in a small group. The group will be supervised by a member of our staff. Guitar lessons with Mr Hallam will take place on Monday and violin lessons with Mr Doherty will be on Tuesday this session. Due to current guidance there will be no brass tuition, though when this changes Mr Kerr or myself will be in touch.

If you have any questions please get in touch with the Instrumental Music Service or the school.

Natalie Stead, Acting Principal Teacher

Nursery woodland visits


Dear Parent / Carer

As most of you already know the preschool children take part in regular forest visits to a local woodland area which up until now has been Eastwood Park.  This year staff have carried out a risk assessment and explored Huntly Park with a view to changing our venue.  The walk will be shorter but the area still provides an interesting and stimulating environment for us to explore.  Because of our generous staffing levels, and due to the current restrictions on contact with parents and carers, we will not require parent helpers. Obviously we will tweet about our adventures so you can see what we are up to.  Waterproofs and wellies will be provided but you are also free to supply your own if preferred.

Your child will go in a small group on a fortnightly basis on a Tuesday or Thursday morning.  We have looked at the different attendance patterns to ensure every child has the opportunity to take part.

Looking forward to our first visit being Tuesday 8th  September.

annual data check and permissions


Dear Parent / Carer

All parents of new pupils to the school (including Primary 1) have already been asked to complete annual data checks and permission forms.  If you have not already returned these forms to the school could you please do so as soon as possible.

If you have not already signed up to ParentsPortal your child should today bring home an envelope containing the following which we would ask that you complete and return to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible:

  • Annual Data Check – please check the form and make any amendments before signing
  • School Excursions & Educational Visits Consent (Trip Permission) – please complete BOTH sides of the form and sign
  • Consent For Photography & Digital Imaging
  • Responsible User Agreement – this should be signed by BOTH pupil and parent

Thank you to those of you who have signed up to ParentsPortal.  If you have successfully linked to your child by 2nd September you will have received an email asking you to complete their Annual Data Check online.  Could we please ask that you try and do that as soon as possible.  We have been advised by East Renfrewshire Council that “on line” permission forms should be available in October and we will advise you further regarding this matter in due course.  In the meantime we will be using the existing permissions held by the school.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Giffnock Family Support Team

As we settle back into our school life and routines we wanted to raise your awareness of the Giffnock Family Support Team and the role we all play in supporting our children and families in school.

Over the years we have offered support and help in a variety of ways and have enjoyed meeting many of you at our parent workshops and drop in sessions over the years. Shortly we will be contacting families about new and continuing support experiences at school. A member of the team will be in contact with families as appropriate, about continued and updating Universal planning and Wellbeing planning.

We also look forward to extending our enhancement groups this year and looking at Catch Up Clubs too.

Our Giffnock Family continues to benefit from support from Kevin Daily at Young Carers, Julie Douglas at Family First and also Kiran Ayaz, further details can also be found at:-

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Nursery Drop Off

When you are dropping off your children please observe social distancing unless your child is upset.

Please give your child’s lunchbox etc to them to bring in by themselves and stay at the “holding area” (large climbing poles near entrance).

If you have to buzz at the nursery entrance please stay at the bottom of the steps when staff answer the door.

This will keep everybody safe and following guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you to those of you who have already signed up to ParentsPortal and linked to your child.

Could we please ask those parents/carers who have not been able to sign up yet to try to do so as soon as possible.  The usual Annual Data Check form for your child has to be completed in the very near future and this can be done through ParentsPortal if you have successfully linked to your child rather than the school having to print off forms and send them home to be completed.

Instructions for registering with ParentsPortal are attached for your assistance.

Parentsportal Giffnock 20 August 2020

Thank you for your co-operation and if you have any problems when registering please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


Accessing Glow & Google Classroom At Home

There have been a number of issues this week with accessing Glow and Google Classroom at home, and we apologise for this.

Glow decided this week that they were going to force a password reset on all pupil users, which sadly coincided with our issuing of Google Classroom homework in a number of our classes!  We are aware that this has caused access issues at home.  If your child is unable to access Glow or Google Classroom this week, they should highlight this directly with their class teacher in the first instance.  The class teacher will be able to support in resetting any passwords and ensuring access to Google Classroom.  You may have already accessed Glow at home this week and been prompted for the password reset, this is normal and the instructions on the screen should talk you though the process clearly.  If you access Google Classroom via an app on a mobile device, the password reset will not have been triggered so we will ensure the password is reset within school.