Beat the streets

Dear parent/carer,
After the great success and enjoyment of last year, Beat the Street is back! Today your child will receive a fob, card, map and additional information all about Beat the Street which turns Giffnock into a giant outdoor game. Using the map children and families will be able to locate ‘beatboxes’ across the local area which they can then walk, run, cycle or scoot to in order to score points. Register your card online before beginning the game.

The game provides an opportunity to have fun and get active outdoors however it is vital that we keep each other safe by adhering to social distancing measures. If you played along last year you will notice that changes have been made to the game such as you no longer have to tap the fob or card against the ‘beatbox’.

Please remember:

  • If there is already a family at the ‘beatbox’, stand well back to give them space until they are done
  • Hover your card or fob at the ‘beatbox’, do not tap it
  • There is no need to touch the ‘beatbox’
  • Road safety
  • Wash your hands after the game
  • Do not share your card

Beat the Street have created a short video which you can access by following the link below. It contains information about the game as well as tips on how to stay safe.

The game begins on the 30th of September.

Stay safe and have fun,
Miss Stead
Acting Principal Teacher