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Festive Fun!

The Beech and Transition classes joined forces this week for a social outing to Gemmell’s Garden Centre!  Every pupil had a ball and were very responsible citizens throughout the morning.  We enjoyed some shopping, experienced the beautiful and calming Christmas lights as well as took turns to try ice-skating or driving round a track!  We then enjoyed some snacks and hot chocolate in the lovely cafe.

ECO Work

The Beech class started their new ECO target yesterday.  We are looking at Global Goals 6 which focuses on keeping our local water cycle clean.   We looked at how the water system works and where water comes from.  then we started an experiment that lets us observe the cycle in action and listened to a song all about the cycle.  We then engaged in a sensory water “play” session where we demonstrated the cycle using different types of water and water-themed objects.  We were very successful leaners as we were able to complete an assessment at the end showing how much we learned!


Recycled Art

The Eco group recycled an item that would usually be thrown in the bin.  The pencil shavings from sharpened pencils were gathered and then used to create a picture of a tree and a butterfly.

It was a very relaxing and fun activity to create something beautiful from rubbish that would have been thrown away. The boys were effective contributors using items to recycle and creating something new.

There will be a lot more exciting recycling projects happening over the next few weeks, with a Christmas theme.

Café Enterprise

The café enterprise group experienced their first “shift” this morning as we opened for the first time this session!  All pupils used excellent listening skills and worked very hard in the roles given to them.

We have some very responsible citizens in the secondary department!

Thank you to the Sunflower class and PC Scott for coming along!

Bonfire Cupcakes!

The Beech class really enjoyed being responsible citizens this week as we made themed cupcakes during home economics.  We thought hard about where to find all the different bits of equipment or ingredients we needed and worked as a team to follow the recipe.  We also thought hard about our own health and safety as we identified any potential hazards around the kitchen.