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January 31, 2020
by Mr D Tyson

Our Weekly News – January 31st

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News 

Learning Conversations – Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th February.
Appointment times will be coming home via pupil post. We have tried to allocate times to requests but, with our large classes, it hasn’t been possible to do this for everyone. We hope that the appointment time coming home will be convenient and  look forward to seeing families next week. 

Friday 7th February – there’s a lot on! 

 a) School Photographer
The school photographer will be visiting next Friday and every pupil will have an individual photograph taken (there is no obligation to buy) and family groups as requested. 

 bGlobal Play Day 2020
On Friday the 7th February we will be participating in Global School Play Day 2020 (GSPD.) GSPD has been promoted by Psychology Today and is being celebrated at schools around the world. You can learn more about the day and benefits of unstructured play by visiting the official GSPD website:

It will take place during the normal school hours and children should wear school uniform.
If your learner wishes to, they can bring in things to play with on this very special day.
Here are some examples of things your learner may bring in: Dress-Up, Puppets, Stuffed Animals, Board Games, Puzzles *No electronic devices please* 


c) PTA Family Bingo Night
Next Friday (7th) the PTA are hosting a Family Bingo Night in the school. Eyes down at 6:30pm and donations for a raffle will be very welcome. 


Class News

Primary 1a and 1b 

This week we have been busy learning two new sounds – ‘v’ and ‘x’. We made up a character called Victor and made him some lovely velcro vests! We also had a great time making some adventurous treasure maps for ‘x marks the spot’.   

Kaelib: I got diamonds in my map!
Halle: I got diamonds too!
Hunter: I got a sword!
Sam: I found treasure. I’m rich.

In maths we have been continuing to work on addition and learning more about 3d shapes. We had a great time searching for items in our classroom that were cubes, cones and cylinders.
This week we have been talking more about where we live and what’s around us in Castle Douglas. We discussed our favourite places to go and then took part in a team challenge to make models of places in CD out of junk. Lots of good teamwork and lots of fun!  

Daniel: I got the clock tower. I used sellotape.
Joseph: I made the church. I made the hall.
Ellie: I made the library. We made a garage and I made the door. Hunter made the windows.
Chloe: We did the school. I made the roof. Cotton wool and foil. 

We look forward to welcoming parents into our classrooms over the next two weeks to tell us more about their jobs. If you’ve sent back a slip, please check the homework bags for a reply.
Parent Appointment slips went home this week.
We will be going on a short walk around the town on Wednesday afternoon (weather permitting). Please ensure that your child brings a warm coat. 

Primary 2  

We have been very busy learning about symmetry in number this week.
Ziya: We learned that if you put a line through something each side is the same.
Kai: I had to colour each side of my picture the same, so it was symmetrical.  

In our language work we were learning about capital letters and full stops.
Brodie: We must use full stops at the end of every sentence.
Eddie: We must use a capital letter at the start of every sentence.
Melisa: I know names begin with a capital letter.
Darla: I know lots of places begin with a capital letter too. 

We have also had lots of fun learning about the planets in our Solar System. We found out lots of things about the planets.
Angus: I know there are eight planets.
William: Jupiter is the biggest planet.
Charlotte: Pluto used to be a planet.
Zane: The Earth takes 365 days to spin round the sun.
Max: Mars is a red planet.
Josh: Neptune is a cold planet
Flynn: I think Mercury is nearest the sun. 


Primary 2/3 

 We have been working on adding and taking away using different strategies.
Cara- I learned to do jump sums using tens and ones.
Kaci – I got 10 out of 10 on hit the button.  

In language work we were learning to write a recount by retelling a story using different openers. 

We started to investigate how toys are made so that we can try to make some of our own.
The first thing we looked at was how cogs worked.
Cara – we tried to make them stop.
Abby – we put them in a long line one went back and the other one went the other way. 

In art
Dorota – we were printing with Lego to make pictures.
Ollie – I liked the printing.
Abby – I made shapes with the Lego.  

In ICT we have been learning to use a search engine to find out about old toys. We discovered that yoyos have been around for 2500 years! 

Parents evening appointment slips have been sent home.
There will be no Forest Friday on the 7th of February as school photographs are being taken that day. 


 Primary 3 

Jorja – ‘We have new things in our tray at the back. It has snow, ice, polar bears and penguins’.

Clay – ‘I am doing Accelerated Reading. My book was about pirates’. 

Jack – ‘We have been using Rek ‘n’ Reks in maths. We have been taking away and adding’.  

Luci – ‘I liked it when we did our science experiment. We were learning about blubber and trying to see if it helped to keep our hand warm in the icy water’. 

Robyn – ‘We made a polar animal from clay. I made a penguin’. 

Evie – ‘I liked making my powerpoint. I learned that arctic hares long ears.’ 

Frankie – ‘We were using arrow cards in Maths. We made numbers with hundreds, tens and units’. 

Noah – ‘We are making a powerpoint in ICT. Mine is about Orcas.’ 


Primary 3/4 

Aiden – “This week we did a blubber experiment. We covered one hand in blubber (lard). I liked putting my hand into the ice to see which one felt colder”.  

Taleah – “I loved going to the computers. We made a PowerPoint. Mine is about Arctic Wolves”.  

Jack – “I enjoyed maths this week. We have been learning to use different symbols to compare numbers”.  

Ferne – “I liked doing the blubber experiment. The hand with the blubber stayed the same and the hand with no blubber got really cold in the ice”.  

Darcie – “I enjoyed the blubber experiment too. Even though the lard stinks. The hand with the blubber on stays warm in the ice”. 

Brooke P – “I enjoyed making my own Polar food chain”. 

Rose – “I liked doing the PowerPoint in ICT. I learned that Polar Bears can spend up to 2 hours out at sea”.  

Summer – “I enjoyed doing the blubber experiment”.  

Alexander – “The blubber experiment showed us how polar animals stay warm in the freezing temperatures”.  

Alba – “I learned that Artic Foxes are similar to foxes, wolves and hounds because they all hunt rabbits and they look kind of the same”.  

Zane – “I enjoyed making the paper food chains. We had to draw the pictures of the animals on paper tubes. They slot together to show what gets eaten and by what”.  

Gregor – “I enjoyed doing art this week. We used watercolours and we had to blend colours together but not so much that they all turned brown. I used purple, green and blue”.  


Primary 4 

This week we have been learning about the Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh. He invented the waterproof raincoat. With a partner we explored the properties of different materials. We wanted to find out which material would be best for Charles Macintosh’s new waterproof outfit. We put the material over a pot and used a pipette to add water. To make it a fair test we kept some things the same. We then observed and recorded what happened when the material got wet. Here are our predictions. The best will material will be… 

“Tin foil because it is strong” -Abi 

“Cotton wool because it is fluffy” -Alex 

“Plastic because it does not leak” -Coby 

“Tin foil because it is shiny” -Caitlin 

“Tin foil because it keeps germs out” -Kaidi 

“Cotton wool because it is soft” -Jayden  

To finish we compared our predictions to our findings. Watch our video posted earlier on this page! 

 In maths we have been working out change from £5, £10 and £20. 

In ICT we created a word document and typed up our experiences of Scottish day. We saved it and printed it.  


P.E kits needed every Wednesday and Thursday.
Parents evening appointment slips have been sent home.
Global Play Day on Friday 7th of Feb, no electronic devices. 


P6 Barcaple Photographs can be downloaded from this link 


Class Twitter Feeds

Our older classes are sharing their learning using Twitter feeds using the share hashtag #cdpsdg7

Please have a look using the Twitter links. There is also a Twitter Feed bar on the right hand side of our School website menu for all our class tweets.

Primary 4/5 –

Primary 5 –

Primary 5/6 –

Primary 6 –

Primary 6/7 –

Primary 7 –



January 30, 2020
by Mr D Tyson

Outdoor shelters and flaming fires :)

A group of P5 to p7 pupils had the opportunity to do some outdoor activities with Mr Tyson. The tasks all involved team work which was to listen and talk to each other to share ideas.

Here are some of our comments about what we did and there are more photographs at the bottom of the page to show what we got up to.


Charlotte  I learned how to make popcorn out of tinfoil it was fun 😊   but my popcorn didn’t pop. I learned how to make a fire burn, but the smoke made me cough and it took a long time to make our den . 


Lottie R   I learned how to make a fire today and I cooked popcorn and a chocolate wrap. It was fun until our fire went out. Jazmin said we needed another match but Mr. Tyson said no just let it do its thing. So, we did it did nothing.  


Seth  I learned that you should stay safe while making a fire and  I cooked marshmallow and a chocolate wrap. It was a fail they burned only two were successful. We then tidied up when we put water on the big fire first there was a lot of smoke all around the fire.


Hugo  I learned to look for a good spot for set  up the wood and the fire. Look out for your surroundings to make sure it is safe and sensible place first. 


McKenzie  I learned how to make a fire  and to make  A Den  to survive in. I cooked outdoors and I made a wrap on top of the fire!!!! 


Riley  I learned to make a campfire outdoors  and  a  den  with wood and  tents. 


Jack D  I learned that it’s hard to light up a fire because if it will spread near the trees and the place will go on fire and will kill you if you don’t be careful.   


Amy  I learned how to do a strong knot (clove hitch) that you can use to make a den by tying it on a tree 🌳. 

This is 66 % P7 (our group name) trying to make our fire. 🍂.


Lotti B  I learned that it is harder than you think to make a big den with tarpaulin when it is windy. 🍁🌳 

This was when we struggled to do the den, so we moved it to another place.

Jack G  I learned a easy knot that you can do around the rock then it jams shut. You put a rock in the tarpaulin then put your knot over and hang the rope to something above your tarpaulin.

We learned how to make a fire with very little stress.


Cian  I learned how to safely light a fire. 


Rudy  I learned that it is not easy to tie tarpaulins and untie them. Making a fire is quite hard because its so hard to keep oxygen if you put too much wood on. 


Chloe  I learned how to make a fire and a fort in a team. We toasted marsh mallows and made a wrap. You could choose if you wanted a chocolate wrap or a ham and cheese wrap. I got chocolate we cooked it in the fire but mine was a bit burned but nice.   We popped popcorn in the fire and my was burnt again but oh well! I climbed a tree and Mr Tyson taught me to make a tight knot. 😊  


Isla  I learned to light a fire safely you have to make sure there are no combustibles near the fire. 

Make sure the fire has oxygen.


Veronica  I learned how to make popcorn using tinfoil as the package😊. 


Jesse-Leigh  I learned how to make popcorn by a fire. I enjoyed when we got to make a wrap with chocolate buttons . We got to roast marshmallows and  we built a den 😊 Chloe climbed a tree the best part was when we got to eat the chocolate wraps. My popcorn didn’t really work but I still eat some of my popcorn.


Maxi  I learned how to set a proper fire and we cooked a wrap and marshmallows. 


Cameron  I learned how to use tinfoil on a fire with popcorn and oil. Some of the oil came out of the tinfoil bags. We made wraps with cheese and ham. When the oil came out the popcorn pack it burned all the wraps and 12% of the popcorn worked. 

Jazmin was trying tie up the rope for the base.


Jonathon  I learned that making dens are a little harder than how it seems. It was very funny watching the girls screaming because they were scared by the fire.


Alexander  I learned to control the campfire , to make it lit when it is down. The popcorn tasted gross same with the wraps!  


Sebastian  I learned to not run to close to the fire because you might run in to the fire and burn. 


Jazmin   I learned how to make a fire with one match and we made marshmallows on the fire. Lily and Lottie R and Charlotte burn the top of their marshmallows and then our fire went out but I got it back then we lost it.  I tried to get bit back but it didn’t work. So, we went to Mr T fire and we eat our wraps but they were burnt so I didn’t like so I binned it and was so fun. 


Lexie  I learned that to make a den you have to work together.


This is us watching Mr Tyson’s fire.


Leo  I learned that when the fire is out you blow into the fire and it will eventually come back. My favourite part is when we were collecting all the rocks. 





January 24, 2020
by Mr D Tyson

Our Weekly News – January 24th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

Photos – please double click to open up a slide show.

Primary 1a and 1b 

We’ve had a very busy time in Primary One this week. 

Our sounds were ‘j’ and ‘b’ and we were able to think of lots of words with these sounds in them- to help us remember we got to eat jelly and jam!! We also heard, made and wrote about Big Bill the Beltie Bull who is from Galloway where we live. Sandy told us all about taking his calf to the show and winning a prize just like Bill and Ayla could tell us her Dad looks after bulls.

Reading is coming on and we have been playing games to help learn our new word- please help us by practising our key words each night. 

In Maths we are continuing to work on our adding skills and doing well.

In PE we have been doing some Scottish dancing and we are great at it. We learned that Scottish dance music is usually in 8s, so we had to count lots!! We also had a lovely relaxing time doing yoga and the story of Betsey the Banana which was funny.

We enjoyed taking part in our Scottish Day on Tuesday, when we had the chance to make ( and eat!) shortbread, do some tartan weaving, along with singing, drawing castles and  Scottish stories. It was great fun! 

Last Friday we had the choice to learn how to make snowflakes using twigs and lashing them together with wool. They looked fabulous. 

P1a have been to the library to hear some Scots stories and P1b are going on Monday afternoon. 

If you are able to talk about your job to the class please return the invitation which came home.
Any parents evening appointment slips should be returned as soon as possible.
Please send in any junk especially boxes as we are planning to have an afternoon making models of our local community on Wednesday 29th.
Children taking part in multi sports remember it starts on Monday. 
CAPER- please keep your child’s book at home for the whole week and just send it in on Thursday for changing. Thank you. 


Primary 2 

 We go to the nature garden every Friday afternoon.
Willow – “I like playing on the piles of sticks.”

Melisa – “I like taking adventures.”  

Murray – “There is a jaggy bush and we are trying to clear it out to make a path through the nettles.  Lots of people are helping.” 

Flynn – “I was trying to make a bridge with Zach and then a P3 came to help us.  We got tyres and used planks of wood.  Lots of people walked on it when we were finished.” 

On Tuesday, we coloured Nessies and tartan with felt pens and we drew our favourite Scottish foods.”  

Ziya – “We had a Scottish party with Miss Gainford.  We were dancing.  Miss Gainford sang Scottish songs and she played the banjo and we waved scarves.  My favourite song was ‘you canne shove yer granny off a bus’.” 


Primary 2/3

 We had great fun on Scotland Day designing and making our own castles.
There was great team worked and we all managed to make a castle, some even had a drawbridge which went up and down! 

Hannah – we used string to make it move. 

Benjamin _ we chose Floyd’s design to make. 

Floyd – we put the first letters of our names on the towers of the castle to show who the owners were. 

Cara – we decided to put on a flag with our names. 

Zofia – we were sharing the stuff. 

Kendyl – I liked when we were helping each other. Lola had a really smart idea for the top of the tubes. 

Eva – I liked when Olivia had the idea to put the Scotland flag on. 

Floyd – we were all coming up with good ideas. 


In topic this week we have been looking at old and new toys and looked at and discussed the artefacts we borrowed from the museum. 

Charlie – One of the children in the old photos looks just like my cousin Max. 

Lola – I liked building jigsaws and some didn’t have pictures. 

Abby – I liked looking at the old toys. 

Cara – The shoes from the olden days had hard bottoms. 

Please can all the children bring in a PE kit on Monday as we have our hall time on Monday and Tuesday mornings.
If you have any small junk for modelling please send it in to school 



Primary 3 

We had a ‘braw’ time on Tuesday celebrating our Scottish Day – have a look at the previous posts for pictures and information on what we got up to! 

Also this week, we enjoyed learning about the importance of food chains for survival. We explored the different food chains in the Arctic and Antarctic and we talked about the importance of energy and food for animal survival. We created our own food chain to show the transfer of energy – have a look at the videos to see how effective they are! 

In ICT, we have started our own personal research projects. We each selected our own polar animal to learn more about. This week, we have been learning to use Swiggle to search for information and taking notes about what we find out. Soon, we will be creating our own Powerpoint presentation with our facts and presenting this to the rest of the class.  

Ask us at home about the animal we have chosen! 



Primary 3/4 


Class Activities and any Pupil Comments 





Wider Achievement 









Primary 4 

 We had so much fun on Scottish day. Here are some of our highlights: 

 “I enjoyed naming my own Scottish fairy. I got glitter on my nose when I named my fairy” Cara. 

 “The bagpipes at the end of the day were great. I loved clapping along” Ewan. 

 “The food tasting was the best. My favourite thing was the Iron Bru, the worst was the oat biscuit” Eli L. 

 “I painted a Scottish squirrel, it was fun” Cameron. 

 “I enjoyed listening to Neb’s book and when she sprinkled the glitter” Kacey. 

 “The quiz was my favourite, we did it on the computer and searched for the answers” Kahlen. 

 We have been learning when to use capital letters using the acronym MINTS. Ask me at home what this stands for. We created a poster to help up remember.  

 We moved on to our second Scottish inventor Alexander Graham-Bell. Here are some things we know about him: 

 “Alexander Graham-Bell’s dad worked with deaf people and his mum was deaf” Alex. 

 “He invited the telephone” Nicole. 

 “His first words on the telephone were Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you” Connor. 

 We made a cup and string phone to explore how sound travels as vibrations. The vibrations move particles in the air, and this carries sound to our ears. 


Wider Achievement
Abi has completed an incredible 50 Parkruns! Well done. 

P.E kits needed every Wednesday and Thursday for racket sports. 



Class Twitter Feeds

Our older classes are sharing their learning using Twitter feeds using the share hashtag #cdpsdg7

Please have a look using the Twitter links. There is also a Twitter Feed bar on the right hand side of our School website menu for all our class tweets.

Primary 4/5 –

Primary 5 –

Primary 5/6 –

Primary 6 –

Primary 6/7 –

Primary 7 –



January 22, 2020
by Mr D Tyson

Class News and Key Learning January 2020

Dear CDPS Family

To give families a bigger picture of what we are learning in school this term we are sharing wider learning across all curricular areas rather than a few specific targets in maths, literacy and health and wellbeing. There will still be on a focus on individual targets in these areas at the Learning Conversation (Private Interview Meetings) in February.

We hope that this will give families a fuller understanding of the broad curriculum we offer at Castle Douglas Primary and create even more discussions on learning at home. Please do contact the school if you wish any more detail about the information on your child’s class page.

Each class has produced a Class News Sheet with term dates and a Curricular Overview for the term. A paper copy will come home by pupil post but a copy can also be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail images below.

Primary 1a and 1b


Primary 2


Primary 2/3


Primary 3


Primary 3/4


Primary 4


Primary 4/5


Primary 5




Primary 5/6


Primary 6


Primary 6/7


Primary 7

January 21, 2020
by Mr D Tyson

Have a look at our whole school Scottish Themed Learning Day

The School and Nursery held an activity day with a Scottish Theme. Classes joined together to experience a wide range of workshops and a big thank you to our staff and visitors for all their planning and preparation.

Please have a look at our photo gallery below which will give a flavour of the learning we enjoyed today.


Art and Craft



Scottish Foods – Tasting and Opinions!


and lunchtime – lots of clean plates today!


 P1 classes baked shortbread, decorated and then enjoyed eating  it 🙂



Scots language – a) personal prose and poetry using Scots vocabulary and b) having lots of fun with Scots Words with Suzi Briggs

P4-7 were treated to a full rendition of Tam O’Shanter by Mr Robert McTurk – quite a treat.



Music and Dance

Dance activity with Catriona 🙂


One of our Scotland themed activities was to learn a simple march and drum rhythm in only 15 minutes!

Click here for full video (youtube)



Learning 3 chords to accompany a modern Scottish Song by the The View


Glen Cunningham came to share some Scottish tunes on the bagpipes.


Finding out about Scotland


Research Skills – Scotland Quiz





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