Our Weekly News – March 15th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what our classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1a 

What a fun week we’ve had! In class this week we’ve been working on the ‘qu’ sound. We’ve been writing about queens and making crowns. We’ve also completed some lovely imaginative writing about what we might find in the woods – “if you go down to the woods today…”! 

Lexi: We had to say something we’d find in the forest. I found gorillas! 
Murry: We made some bear hats for the picnic. 

In ICT we’ve been working hard at logging into the computer independently. We’ve also been making some posters about bears. 
Kaci: We’ve been practising logging in. That means we can do stuff on the computer. 
Riley: We’ve been finding pictures of bears and then when they’re getting printed out we can put them in our treehouse. 

Following on from our science workshop Ready, Teddy, Go! we’ve been thinking about different forces. We did some wonderful science activities. 
Skye: We were making parachutes for gravity. We made them out of tissues and string. We threw them up high and had bears flying down. 
Riley: Some worked and some didn’t.  
Ethan: We were throwing for the pushing force. We had to make them all fall down. 
Ollie: We had to push the cars. 
Miley: We were making rafts. They had to make the bears float.  

We’re really looking forward to our Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday – pictures to come next week. 

We’ll be going on our Bear Hunt trip to the Doach Woods on Thursday. Please make sure children are dressed for the outdoors – warm coat, wellie boots, scarf, hat etc. Bring a rucksack with snack. Thank you to all who have offered to come along with us! 

Primary 1b

We have been going ‘quackers’ with our ‘qu’ sound this week! We thought of lots of words: 
Willow: “squid” and “squirrel” 
Beth: “quavers 
William: “quick” 
Kai: “quack” 
William and Kai: “queen” 
Max: “squirrel” 

We had a fantastic Science afternoon on Thursday – linking back to previous learning with the Reddy, Teddy, Go workshop. 
William: “We did experiments.”
Kai: “We made boats.” 

We were looking at different forces.  
Photos of the Science afternoon taken by Flynn. 

Pictures of the Teddy Bears Picnic will follow next week. 

We say goodbye to Mr Rogerson this week. We have particularly enjoyed Mr Rogerson’s French lessons – bonjour! He is going back to University before starting a new placement next month. We have really enjoyed having Mr Rogerson in our class – we wish him all the best for the future. 


We’ll be going on our Bear Hunt trip to the Doach Woods on Thursday. Please make sure children are dressed for the outdoors – warm coat, wellie boots, scarf, hat etc. Bring a rucksack with snack. If anybody would like to volunteer to help, please let the class teacher know. 


Primary 2

We have been busy working on our Red Nose Day activities. We have been designing some super red noses and also thinking and talking about other children in the world who may have to live in tents because they have had to leave their house. We have also been thinking about what we would like to do when we are older and who is able to help us when we have a problem. We shared our ideas with our mums and dad and the rest of the school at Assembly this morning.

We asked everyone to come to school dressed in bright colours 🙂

Primary 2/3 

This week we have been busy getting ready for our assembly.
Alba – When we sing our red nose song it’s nice to sing.
Lily S – We’ve taken turns at selling red noses with P2.
Eamon – I am looking forward to judging the red noses.
Kyle – It’s hard to pick a winner though because there are lots of good ones. 

Also … 

Brooke P – We have been learning about the planets in our solar system.
George – I like to do maths because I like to do adding and subtracting 


Primary 3 


On Friday 8th March, we went on a trip to Threave Gardens. It was a rainy day but we had a fantastic time! When we got back, we reflected on the new skills and information we had gained. We each wrote a personal account of our trip. We used openers, connectives and adjectives and we tried to give our writing a logical order. 

Amber – ‘We went to Threave Gardens on Friday 8th March 2019 and it was pouring with rain. It was freezing.’ 
Abi ‘I liked learning abour deer, badgers, bats and owls. It was exciting’. 
Ewan ‘Firstly, we did something very exciting. We went minibeast hunting! I found 5 centipedes and 1 slug.’ 

We have some exciting class news! We have some tadpoles in our classroom! They have hatched from the frog spawn this week and we have been enjoying observing the changes every day!  They are helping us to learn about the life cycle of a frog and we are taking responsibility for keeping an eye on them daily. We have even been reading books about frogs and writing little notes and messages to the tadpoles using our imaginations. 

Extra tickets for the Spring Singalong are available at the School Office.  


Primary 3/4 

Jazmine – “I have really enjoyed practicing for our Spring Show”  

Fern – “I enjoyed using hot and cold colours to create a rabbit picture for our Spring Show” 

Cameron – “I liked learning about time. I was working on o’clock times” 

Caitlin – “I enjoyed learning about minibeasts”  

Anna – “I enjoyed maths. I was converting anologue times to digital times” 

Emma – “We used information about minibeasts to create a Venn Diagram and a flow chart” 

Kaidi – “I enjoyed Red Nose Day” 

Rhuben – “This week I have enjoyed learning about minibeasts. They are very interesting and I like bugs” 


Primary 4 

In ICT, P4 have been adding comments to the photographs from our Viking trip. Have a read through what we learned on our school website. The post is called ‘Viking Attack’. 

Our class vlogging team have been filming this week and talking to camera about their favourite math’s websites. Emily-Rose enjoyed using the video camera to record footage in the library. 

We have been revising tally marks and pictograms in math’s so that we can record and display information in different ways. We discussed open and closed questions. We found that questions that had several responses were best when surveying. Our class came 23rd in the Dumfries and Galloway math’s contest. Well done to Ria who answered 861 questions correctly and finished in 26th out of all the boys and girls playing from Dumfries and Galloway. 

Isla McF, Kianna, Emily-Rose, Amelia, Riley, Zak and Freya all achieved their accelerated reading target!  

Wider Achievement 

Holly moved up to Talent Development at gymnastics. 
Sam is going to his first Judo competition on Sunday, good luck Sam! 


Extra tickets for the Spring Singalong are available at the School Office. 


Primary 4/5 

What a busy week in P4/5. 

McKenzie – In PE we have been learning lots of different gymnastic skills. 

Oliver R – We have been practising different jumps. 

Jesse-Leigh – My favourite jump is the star jump. 

Freya – I have enjoyed sharing my gymnastics skills with the rest of the class. I go to gymnastics club.  

Leo – We have been learning to create equivalent fractions.  

Darragh – I have been simplifying fractions. You have to divide.  

Callum – I’ve enjoyed the human fractions activity.  

Alannah – I love all the twists in our class book, Light on Dumyat.  

Shea – It’s so mysterious.  

Callum – It is so interesting and exciting.  

Wider Achievement 

Callum,Maxi & Shea have been awarded first aid badges at Cubs.
Callum and Shea have also now achieved their cooking badge. Well done boys.  

Oliver R – In tennis I learned to do a volley.  

Freya – At piano lessons I learned how to play G on my right hand.  

Lily – I learned a new move at ballet class. 


Primary 5 

We have been continuing to practice our ukuleles with Ruth. We have had a focus on Science this week where we have learned about different scientists as well as Apollo 11. We have been learning about fractions and time in numeracy. 

Wider Achievement 

Eilidh went on a Brownies sleepover. 
Anna and Yvie went to Glasgow and did an activity called meltdown, similar to wipeout and went bowling.  

Disco tickets are available for £1.50 each, remember to bring slips back.  

Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news



Primary 6 

This week we have been investigating air resistance and light for our Space topic. 
Unfortunately the balloon air resistance experiment didn’t work too well so we’re going to try again next week with different shaped balloons. 
We looked at light being bent through prisms. 
Seren – “Light always travels in a straight line.” 
Carlie – “All colours in the rainbow are made up of the same colours but our eyes only see one of the colours at a time.” 
Tommy – “Rainbow colours always stay in the same order.” 

We were building on our knowledge of symmetry in maths. 
Logan – “We were finding out if there is more than one line of symmetry in a shape.” 

Ryan – In Gymnastics we have been making up group routines.

Feis Rois Scots Singing. 
The class have been continuing to enjoy and learn songs in both Scots and Gaelic. 

Have a listen to the lovely harmonies as they Touch the Sky. 

Have a listen to our video clip.

Well done to Fraser, Ryan, Tommy, Rhianna, Mylie, Seren and Jake who have already achieved their Accelerated Reading target for January – April. Three weeks left for everyone else to do the same – it would be great if we could have a full class of Target Achievers. 

Wider Achievement 
Tommy baked muffins at home and they looked delicious! 
Good luck to Lois, Megan and Ellie who are going to Ayr next week for their Ballet exam. 

More cardboard (e.g. cereal packets) would be great – thank you. 


Primary 6/7

We have had a busy week in P6/7. We have been learning about area and perimeter of compound shapes. We have also been learning to write persuasively.

In our topic we have been learning about the outbreak of WW2 and how they evacuated the children to the countryside. We have been writing radio broadcasts from the perspective of the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to warn of the impending evacuation of the children to the countryside to escape the bombing.


Primary 7 

This week we used the apparatus during gymnastics in P.E. We all did well. – Rory T.  

On Thursday we held a joke competition in class for Comic Relief. Lots of people took part but Chloe and Ollie’s jokes were voted the funniest. – Katherine.  

We have been making posters for the Quit Your Way smoking service’s competition. They are all really good! Isla L.  

We made artwork inspired by Peter Blake’s Dazzling Letters. We used our first initial and used lots of shapes and colours. – Charley.  

We took part in the Dumfries and Galloway Sumdog competition this week. I only had 392 questions to go out of 1000. – Chloe.  

I enjoyed doing lunchtime football with Ollie’s Dad this week. We do it every Tuesday. – Jayden.  

I am proud that I achieved my Accelerated Reading target this week. – Neve A 

I got 18/18 on my fractions test and I’m proud. – Ollie.  

On Sunday I am going to a gymnastics competition in Dumfries. – Sophie.  

In guitar, Isla and I have been working on the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’. I think its quite tricky. – Bob 

Well done to Katherine for winning the Dojo points this week and Sami for coming second.  







Visit Castle Douglas!

We have been studying persuasive writing techniques. We have looked at what features make a good piece of persuasive writing. Mr Whan’s group are working to persuade people to visit Castle Douglas on holiday. Each group chose a particular persuasive feature to focus on (engaging title, rhetorical question, factual information, reviews of previous visits and special offer deals) and we have pieced the work of each group together to make a promotional video advertising Castle Douglas as a popular destination for tourists.

Some of our World Book Day Photos

Here are a few more photos from this week’s World Book Day activities organised by our Reading Ambassadors.

Our Weekly News – March 8th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.

School News

On Thursday the Reading Ambassadors organised our World Book Day celebrations. We would like to say a huge well done to everyone who entered our art competition. The Reading Ambassadors visited classes to read their favourite stories and everyone enjoyed listening. We have taken lots of pictures of pupils and staff with their favourite books and it was great to see everyone enjoying sharing their favourite stories!  


Class News

Primary 1a 

This week we have been learning our new sound – ‘ch’!  

Lola: Ch is for chicken!
Lexi: Chick has ch in it.  

In Maths we have been learning about symmetry with Miss Bryden.
Ayla: It’s nearly the same on each side.
Skye: We matched up the pictures. It had to be the other side… to make it symmetrical.
Teagan: We made butterflies. We painted them then folded the paper. 

 We had a very exciting Friday morning last week, when we went along to our Ready, Teddy, Go! Workshop.
Abby: We were doing the tug of war. That’s the pull force.
Miley: I liked meeting the teddy bears Isaac and Newton!
Owen: We saw if things float or sink.
Darla: The gravity was pulling things down.  

We also loved watching Paddington with our friends and family.
Kendyl: There was a flood in the bathroom! It was just by accident though. He just don’t know how to live like humans.
Ollie: It was really funny.
Ethan: We made sandwiches. Jam, honey and marmalade. 

 We loved celebrating Pancake Day.
Iris: We put on chocolate chips.
Finlay: I liked eating them. 



Primary 1b 

 We have been busy bees recently! 

 Last Friday we had our Science workshop – Ready Teddy Go. We were learning about different forces. It was so much fun. They taught us a special Science word for guessing – Brodie “predicting.”
Ziya: “We were talking about Scientist stuff. We launched the cars and shooted them.” 
Elliot: “We were playing with the cars.”
Ellie: “I loved the sinking and floating – it was the best in town!” 

We celebrated World Book Day by coming to school in our pyjamas and sharing our favourite books with our friends. Lots of the children made their own books in class – Eddie’s book was all about Tony Stark, Iron Man. 
Mya: “wearing our pyjamas for book day.”
Charlotte: “you had to bring your favourite book to School.” 

To celebrate our ‘Bears’ topic we had a movie night at school.
Zane: “We watched Paddington – I liked it when he went downstairs in the bath!”
We made marmalade sandwiches because Paddington LOVES marmalade! He always keeps one under his hat for emergenices…..! 

Our new sound this week was ‘ch’
Hannah: “it has 2 letters in it.”
We were making 4 and 5 letter words with our ‘ch’ sound using the magnetic letters and boards. 
We all decided that the best ‘ch’ word is chocolate! 

In Maths we have been working on adding to 6 using different concrete materials. We have been using our brand new resource – Numicon. We really like it. 
Mr Rogerson has been talking to us about symmetry. We have been making different symmetrical pictures in different ways.
Eryithsyai: “I made a beautiful butterfly. I coloured the shapes the same colour”
The children worked as a group to make a big symmetrical picture with Numicon and cubes.   

Mya: “Me, Charlotte, Willow, Beth, Tiffany and Conall and Flynn were playing catch.”
Joshua:I liked playing in the bear cave, flooding it with bricks.”
Willow: “We like finding worms”
Charlotte: “Me, Willow, Beth and Mya – we liked playing princesses outside.” 

 Teddy Bears Picnic – Friday 15th March at 11:30am. Please return reply slips so we can organise lunches.  

We are looking for volunteers for our trip to the woods – if you can help, please let the class teacher know.  


Primary 2 

We have had a great World Book Day. We liked wearing our pyjamas to school. 

Mason liked the Bear story Mrs Crearie told us. It was her favourite story to read to her children.
Luci “I think it is fun to read books.”
Zofia” I liked reading other peoples story books.”
Fern “I liked making my book mark. ” 

We have also been working hard to learn our words and song for our Red Nose Day Assembly. We have been selling red noses to all the classes in the school. 

Oona “I like to help people and I hope we raise lots of money.”
Evie “We are raising money for people who have no homes.”
Indie “We are raising money for lonely people .”
Fern “We are raising money to buy people food.”
Floyd “We are raising money for people who are not well. “


P2 and P2/3 Red Nose Day Assembly in the hall at 9 15. 



Primary 2/3 

We have been working on money and giving change. 
Darcie – “We were painting starry night by Van Gogh.  I liked painting over the pastels. 
Lily S – “We were doing brush strokes.” 
Eamon – “The circles have started to learn times tables.” 
Jack J – “We have started to practice our assembly for Red Nose Day.” 
Alba – “I am looking forward to selling red noses.” 




Primary 3 


We have been researching Enid Blyton this week, as she wrote our class novel, ‘The Enchanted Wood’. We used a search engine to research her life and we found out some very interesting facts! 
Ferne – ‘Her birthday was on the 11th August’. 
Eli – ‘She wrote over 800 books’. 

We have been learning to sort and identify minibeasts this week. We used a Venn diagram to sort minibeasts. We had to look closely at their appearance to make our decisions.  
We also learned how to identify minibeasts with a flow chart.  
Caleb ‘We had to answer yes or no to the questions’. 
Morgan – ‘The arrow took us to the next question’. 

Please make sure you have ordered your free tickets for the Spring Singalong Show. Come along and enjoy songs, poems and dances all performed by P3, P3/4 and P4 on Tuesday 2nd of April at 1:45pm and Wednesday 3rd of April at 6:00pm. 
 ** Extra tickets will be available from the School Office from Monday 11th March – spread the word! 
Please bring in an empty plastic bottle from home.  


Primary 3/4 


Ruby – “I enjoyed going down to the nature garden to make fairy soup.” 
Fern – “I enjoyed our maths this week because we were adding and taking away multiples of 10.” 
Lucca – “I enjoyed PJ day for World Book Day.” 
Connor – “I liked World Book Day because we got to share our favourite books with other people. I enjoyed telling everyone about my book.” 
Kaidi – “I got a prize for my entry for the World Book Day competition. I am proud of myself.” 
Coby – “I liked wearing my PJs to school!” 

Please make sure you have ordered your free tickets for the Spring Singalong Show. Come along and enjoy songs, poems and dances all performed by P3, P3/4 and P4 on Tuesday 2nd of April at 1:45pm and Wednesday 3rd of April at 6:00pm. 

** Extra tickets will be available from the School Office from Monday 11th March – spread the word! 


Primary 4 

In maths we have been thinking about information handling. P4 created Venn and Carroll diagrams. We have been sorting and organising objects based on our own and others’ criteria. We have come up with our own criteria for sorting and have suggested different ways of grouping the same sets of objects. 

Our show rehearsals are well underway and this week all three classes got together in the hall for the first time. We have been practicing our songs and dances as well as moving on and off stage. Some of our show songs are in French so this week we focused on our French colours. Kelvin really enjoyed playing French colour bingo! 

On Thursday we went on a trip to find out more about our local history in the time of the Vikings. We went to Trusty’s Hill near Gatehouse to explore and imagine what it might have been like to attack and defend a hillfort.  The hillfort had very steep sides and would have had four ditches and wooden walls to try and get past if it was being attacked. It would have been very difficult to carry a shield and an axe while also trying to climb up the steep sides. We came back to school and pretended that we were arriving from our Viking Longship on to a beach. We had to work as a team to make a shelter from ropes and sails. We thought about the games Viking children may have played. There was no electricity or plastic then – what did they do? Our challenge was to design and make games using things from the nature garden, we enjoyed having a go at each other’s games. To end our day, we had a Viking feast and shared stories around the fire. 
Alex: “I learned that the Vikings were defending and would go to the great hall to stay safe”. 
Emily-Rose: “I learned that the Vikings took over Gatehouse”. 
Kelvin: “I learned more about Viking runes”. 
Isla McF: “I learned that in battle it’s better to stick together when defending by making a shield wall”. 
Freya: “I realise now how hard it was to climb carrying a shield without falling!”. 
P4 would like to say a big thank you to Mr Tyson, Christine, Lyndsey, Rodney and Erin for helping make our day so fantastic! 


Please make sure you have ordered your free tickets for the Spring Singalong Show. Come along and enjoy songs, poems and dances all performed by P3, P3/4 and P4 on Tuesday 2nd of April at 1:45pm and Wednesday 3rd of April at 6:00pm. Extra tickets will be available from the School Office from Monday 11th March. 

Sumdog’s Dumfries and Galloway Maths Contest has started and finishes at 8pm on March 14th. For the score to count, the Dumfries and Galloway Maths Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left screen when you click to start each game. 


Primary 4/5 

In maths this week we have been learning about equivalent fractions.  
Hugo – Equivalent fractions are the same size. 
Callum – A good example is 1/2 = 2/4 

We have been continuing to read our class novel, Light on Dumyat. We split up into groups and designed what our own secret cave would look like, if we were to discover one. We have been practising how to listen to opinions and how to put our ideas together. 

This week in gymnastics, we have been working on our rolling skills. 
Charlotte – Teddy bear rolls are fun. 
Chloe – I can do a backwards roll. 
Skye – An egg roll, is another type of roll.  
Freya – I showed the class how to do a backwards roll to straddle. 

We had great fun on World Book Day. We all dressed up in our pyjamas and chatted about the importance of reading and sharing our favourite books. We all spoke to each other about the book we brought in, what it was about and why it was our favourite. We also watched a video from the author Lauren Child, who told us how magical reading can be.  

Oliwier – My favourite book is Light on Dumyat – I love that we are reading it in class.  
Murray – I love the Gigantosaurus book because I am really into dinosaurs.  
Jesse-Leigh – I love reading books that make me laugh. 
Maxi – I love reading non-fiction books.  

Have a look at the school Facebook page this week for photos from our recent trip to Threave Nature Reserve and other class activities.  



Primary 5 


Erin “World book day we shared books and read.”
Isla “In maths we have been learning fractions, decimals and percentages.”
Holly “In Big Writing we have been learning about newspaper reports.”
Ellie “On world book day we found out who won the drawing competition.”
Finlay “We watched a BBC live lesson and learned about some authors who had been turned into book marks.”
Georgia “We also watched a video about Liz Pichon earlier in the week and we all drew a Tom Gates front cover.” 

Wider Achievement
Anna and Yvie have finished their competitions for swimming.
Yvie achieved going back on Gypsie the horse.
Eilidh has started doing life guarding in swimming.
Alper is doing a higher level in boxing. 


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news.


Primary 6 

This week we have been continuing our science topic. We have been learning about light sources. We have also been setting up our own science experiments where we built parachutes and tested them by releasing them from the balcony.  

We have all been working hard on our writing and are focusing on persuasive writing. In RME we have been learning about the 5 K’s of Sikhism.  

For World Book Day we shared our favourite books and tried to ‘persuade’ others to read them. We did a book quiz and Jack, Carlie, Emily and Lois were the winners. We enjoyed watching a video by Jeff Kinney, author of the Wimpy Kid books. We tried writing our own funny diary entries.  

World Book Day Quotes  
“Reading gets me engrossed and gives me a taste of other people’s lives.” Seren  
“I like reading because it helps me learn.” Emily  
“I like reading because I feel like I go into a magical world.” Ellie  
“I love books they help me calm down and sleep.” Jake  

Wider achievements  

Fraser – went to Dumfries on Sunday to play rugby.  
Tomas – walked all the way round the loch.  
Jack – played football for ‘The Saints’ on Sunday.  

Please send in small, thin cardboard boxes for science on Monday to be cut up.

Primary 6/7

This week has been very busy. We started our new topic – WW2.
We brainstormed what we already knew about the topic and discussed what we wanted to learn. Noah brought in a picture of his Great Grandfather during the war.
We learned about the leaders during the war and their role. We’re really looking forward to continuing our topic next week. We will learn about the Evacuees next week.

We took part in a World Book Day Quiz on Thursday. It tough and the final scores were very close! We are all working hard to achieve our Accelerated Reading targets also.

P.E. Kits Mondays and Fridays. On Friday, children will require an Outdoor P.E. Kit for football on the Muga.


Viking Attack!

We are learning about local history in the time of the Vikings.

  • I can look for Viking evidence on Trusty’s Hill.

On Thursday 7th of March 2019 we went on a trip to find out more about our local history in the time of the Vikings. We went to Trusty’s Hill near Gatehouse to imagine what it might have been like to attack and defend a hillfort.

The hillfort had very steep sides and would have had four ditches and wooden walls to try and get past if it were being attacked. It would have been very difficult to carry a shield and an axe while also trying to climb. We came back to school and pretended that we were arriving from our Viking Longship on to a beach.

We had to work as a team to make a shelter from ropes and sails. We thought about the games Viking children may have played. Our challenge was to design and make games using things from the nature garden. We really enjoyed having a go at each other’s games. To end our day, we had a Viking feast and shared stories around the fire.

Alex: “I learned that the Vikings were defending and would go to the great hall to stay safe”

Emily-Rose: “I learned that the Vikings took over Gatehouse”

Kelvin: “I learned more about Viking runes after seeing some carvings”

Isla McF: “I learned that in battle it’s better to stick together when defending by making a shield wall”

Freya: “I realise now how hard it is to climb carrying a shield without falling!”

Lewis: “I learned that when Vikings were in battles they would have to build a shield wall to protect everyone.”

Rylan: “I enjoyed climbing up the hill to get the crown”

Ben W: “It was fun seeing the runes”

Fraser: “I enjoyed the view from the top of the hill”

Kianna: “I enjoy climbing the ditches and hill”

Ameilia: “I will never forget getting to the top of the hill”

Aflie: “I learned that Vikings were outside in all weathers, cold and warm!”

Lexi: “It was tricky climbing through the brambles”

Blaine: “I learned that it is very hard to attack uphill”.

Adam: “It’s easier to climb downhill, I used my shield to balance”

Dylan: “I saw all four ditches”.

Sam: “It must have been very hard to be a Viking, you had to be tough”

Holly: “It was so fun having the battles, I felt like a real Viking”.

Ria: “I loved listening to the Viking stories around the fire”.

Keighla: “I love climbing with my shield”.

Isla McC: “Toasting marshmallows was great”

Kacie: “I got really muddy making my Viking game, I used wood and you had to try not to fall in the water”.

Callum: “I saw the sea from the top”.

Gregor: “I loved the battle”.

Saffron: “My favourite part was when we attacked from the top of the hill”

Riley: “We had a Viking feast, it was tasty!”

Pawel: “The best part was making the shield wall”

Leo: “I now know how hard it is to walk up hill through brambles with my shield”

Ben R: “The best part was in the nature garden, I got muddy after I built my Viking game”

Becky: “I thought eating the hot dogs and marshmallows was great after exploring the hill in the morning”.



Global Gang Poop Banners!

Our Global Gang has been busy making banners to remind people who walk their dogs near the school to ‘scoop the poop.’

We unfortunately have an ongoing problem with dog poo on the busy pavement in the street our school is in. Well done and thank to our Global Gang for making these super banners!

Our Weekly News – March 1st

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.

School News

World Book Day next Thursday 7th March. All children invited to wear their Pyjamas and bring in their favourite story book.  

Bikeability (P6’s & P7’s) & Ditch Your Stabilisers (Nursery & P1’s) on Wed 6th March. If your child has shown interest then a letter has been sent home. Please check schoolbags.


Tesco Community Fund Tokens – School Drama Club

The school has been chosen as one of the three funding bids for the latest round of Community Funding at Tesco in Castle Douglas. If our bid is successful the funding will go towards purchasing wireless microphone and other resources for our Drama Club. We would like to ask you to share this with family and friends so that we can collect lot of tokens and hopefully be the successful bid. Your support is much appreciated.

Comic Relief Day Friday 15th March.  We will be having a non-uniform day on the Friday and we are asking the children to come dressed in bright clothes.  We will be selling red noses from Monday 4th March at the cost of £1.25 each.


Class News

Primary 1a 

This week we have been learning our new double sound ‘sh’. We have also read ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ and did some fantastic pieces of writing! 

Skye: I liked hearing the Goldilocks story.  
Kaci: My favourite part is Goldilocks eating the baby bear’s porridge. 

In Maths we have been using Numicon to practise adding to 6 and have really loved using this new resource. We have also started work on symmetry. 
Luke: I like playing with the Numicon. I like number 1. 
Ethan: I liked the symmetry. I liked matching the sides up on the game. 
Now that our topic has changed, so has our role play area! We have loved building our bear’s tree house!  
Lola: I like it when Ted is inside and we have the brush to tidy the house! 
Murry: I made the oven and it can be used as the toilet as well. 
Riley: I like the big arch and I like when Ted has it as his house. He has a wee bed. 

We are really looking forward to our science workshop on Friday. Photos to come next week. 

Thank you to those who came to our Storytime on Monday! We hope you enjoyed our bear story! 

 If you would like to come along to our Paddington Movie Afternoon, please return the slip by Wednesday – thank you. 


Primary 1b 

Brodie: “I liked doing shapes” “we were learning to half them in parts.”
Ellie: “I love playing outside with Ziya.”
Conall: “I liked making the trap with Kai.”
Joshua: “I like playing with everyone.”
Willow: “I liked playing with the bears, playing Mums and Dads.”
William: “I liked playing with all the boys.”
Charlotte: “We made a bear cave and a den” “We’ve got new books.” 

We have been using the books in our classroom to learn about different bears…grrrrrrrrr!!! 

Mr Rogerson shared the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – we wrote super sentences focusing on the words; he, she and is.  

Ellie: “She is lovely.” 
Kai: “He is strong.” 
Brodie: “He is little.” 

We used our phonic knowledge to help write the words – saying the words aloud to hear the sounds.  
Conall: “Don’t forget a capital letter and full stop” 

We were usng the 2go software – using the arrows to move the car around the town and the rocket around space.  
Archie: “I took the rocket to the sun.” 

Thank you to those who were able to join our story time on Monday. We really like sharing stories as a big group.  

*Movie Night Wednesday 6th March at 3pm in the Hall. Bring snacks if you wish. 


Primary 3 

We have been learning about minibeasts this week, as part of our Enchanted Forest topic. We watched and listened to different video clips to find out new information and we are learning to scan text for key words to find out more. With a partner, we identified some questions we would like to find out the answer to about a minibeast. We then used the internet to find the answer to our question – we enjoyed sharing the new information with our peers.  

Ewan – ‘We wanted to find out what a baby dragonfly looks like.’ 
Noah – ‘I wanted to find out what a ladybird likes to eat’. 

In a group, we also had a closer look at Flow Charts and how they work. We used them to help us to identify different minibeasts using their characteristics.  

Threave Gardens Trip – Friday 8th March – all day 


Primary 3/4 

This week we have been working on chimney sums in maths. We have been learning to borrow from the tens when doing takeaway sums.  

Rhuben – “Chimney sums are getting easier the more I practice”.  

We have also been preparing for our Spring Show and have been working hard to learn all our songs.   

In topic, we used lots of different materials to create a new land for the top of the Enchanted Tree. We have also been learning about food chains and made our own food chain pictures. 

“I enjoyed making a food chain. It was fun thinking of what different animals eat and the order of the food chain” – Connor 

“This week I liked making lands for the top of the tree. It was so fun making it out of junk because I had to really use my imagination. I made puppy land”.  

In PE we have been learning how to do a forward and backwards roll correctly and safely.  

Coby – “This week I enjoyed PE because we learned to do a backwards roll and I had lots of fun”.
Devlin – “I enjoyed playing cats and mice in PE. I had to run fast.”
Nikola – “I learned it’s really important to tuck your head in when you do a forwards and backwards roll”. 


Threave Gardens Trip – Wednesday 6th March – all day 

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March 

Spring Singalong, 1 or 2 tickets can be ordered by returning the slip by Friday 15th of March.


Primary 4

 We have been preparing for our Spring Singalong. We joined P3/4 for music this week to practice our songs. Ben R, Keighla, Saffron, Lewis and Rylan have started rehearing dances. Everyone wrote an invitation to the performance and illustrated a spring picture. 

In maths we have been focusing on right angles. On Wednesday we went outdoors to find some examples in our playground. 

Lots of children earned their silver and bronze awards this week. Well done P4! 

Wider Achievement 

Emily-Rose has started knitting a scarf.
Keighla achieved her new karate belt, it is red and white.  


Viking trip permission forms and £2 to be returned by Monday 4th of March.
Viking Hill walk on Thursday 7th of March. See letter sent home for more details.
Spring Singalong, 1 or 2 tickets can be ordered by returning the slip by Friday 15th of March. 


Primary 4/5 

In PE we have started a block on gymnastics. This week we have been looking at our balancing skills. 

Alannah – I can now do a partner balance. You need to use your tummy muscles a lot.  
Callum – I have been learning how to balance on different parts of my body.  
Ollie – It is easier to balance when you keep your stomach muscles tight.  

In Maths we have been continuing to practise our money handling skills.  
Callum – I can make the same amounts using different coins. 
Freya – I enjoyed playing the true or false money game. We had to decide if each pile of coins had the same value.  
Elle – If you put 10p into a change machine, you might get 10 1p coins back out.  
Shea – We have been learning about how we work out if we can afford something or not.  

In our writing setting groups we have been looking at how to write newspaper reports. 

Skye – We spoke about how to split up each section of a report using good words like first, next and after that. 
Callum – We learned how to add in a quote into our report from someone that had been interviewed.  
Brooke – In our group we worked on adding in good openers and connectives to our report. 

We welcomed a new pupil, Darragh, into our class this week.  

Wider Achievement 
Freya – I learned how to do a cartwheel on the beam at gymnastics club. 


Primary 5 
We went on our trip to Edinburgh last Wednesday which was great fun. Children were learning about different key locations in Edinburgh to do with Mary Queen of Scots including Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle. Photos of and comments from the children on the trip are available on the school website. In numeracy we have been learning about multiples and factors as well as starting work on equivalent fractions. We have also continued our work on time with Mrs. Starkey. We are continuing our work on how to write a newspaper report in Big Writing. We have researched facts about Mary Queen of Scots to make a factfile in ICT.   

World Book Day is on 7th March and children are asked to come in their pyjamas and bring their favourite storybook to school. 


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6 

This week we have been exploring line graphs and angles in our maths work. For homework we collected data on our pulse and used it to make a line graph. We learned that line graphs need a title, axes have labels and we also had to think about the scale – a lot to think about! 
Our angle work included looking for angles in right life. We know about right, acute, obtuse, straight and reflex angles. 
Ellie = “An angle is where two lines meet.” 
Megan enjoyed making a spreadsheet in ICT and we will be using our spreadsheet and graph skills next week when we start doing Science experiments about air resistance. 

We worked with Mrs Bennet to find out about Night and Day. We learned that : 
Ellie – “The earth turns once a day.” 
Seren – “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 
Mylie – “When our country faces the sun it is lit up and is daytime.” 

We also started Gymnastics work this week and there is a shirt video clip on our school Twitter feed @castledps 

Wider Achievement : 
Eilidh – did a forward roll in to the pool for the first time. 
Carlie – went on a challenging mountain bike trail at Mabie Forest. 
Catriona – was playing for Threave Rovers against Heston and won 8-0! 
Logan – achieved a Most Improved Award at Megan’s Gymnastics. 

P6 Feis Rois Singing Round

Reminders : 
Newspapers and small plastic bottles for science experiment on Monday. 

Primary 6/7  

Mya “On Wednesday we had our job fair with Primary 7.” 
Melissa “At the job fair we learned about the different skills required to do the different jobs.” 
Noah “At the job fair I spoke with Colin from the Post Office. I learned that there are lots of different roles that he fulfills in his job.” 
Holly “At the job fair I learned that if I was to be a beautician I would need to have a steady hand and be a chatty person.” 
Brooke “ I learned from Marianne at RBS that sometimes you have to be assertive.” 

Cormac has enjoyed his first week in P6/7! 

In maths we have been learning about Volume. We learned that 1000ml is the same as 1 Litre.  

The P7 enjoyed meeting Mr Smith from CDHS. 

P6/7 and P7 Job Fair Photographs


Primary 7

Colin from the Post Office did a competition at our Job Fair and he brought in different kinds of money. – Neave

This week we have continued looking at Pop Art. We have been looking at Andy Warhol. I have used the Fortnite logo to create work like his. – Bob

At the Job Fair the Coastguard told us all the different things she had to do. You could be in a helicopter one day and helping people stuck in mud the next day! – Isla L

We have been doing division in mental maths  – It’s tricky but I’m getting used to it now. – Sam

On Tuesday we went on the Netball court to play some games. I loved playing Numbers in French. – Isla A.

Mr Smith told us about the uniform at the High School at the Gateway meeting on Tuesday – Rory L.

In maths we have been working on Fractions. I find simplifying fractions quite tricky. – Katherine.

Well done to Charley for winning the Dojo points this week.

The next P7 PTA meeting will be on Thursday 14th March at 4pm. All P7 parents welcome.


Maths Home Learning Update – February and March

Dear CDPS Family

Home Learning

The school has continued to work on Maths activities for families to try at home. These activities are not additional homework but opportunities for families to share learning and engage in some simple and hopefully enjoyable activities. For almost all the activities all that is required is a pencil and paper and perhaps some items around the house.  Some of the activities can be done on the way to and from school, when shopping, etc.  I would encourage you to have a look at the school website (links below) and choose an activity which may be of interest.

Following feedback from the activities we sent out before Christmas , this time, rather than directing families to specific activities, families will be asked to looked at a topic that your child has covered or is currently being taught in class e.g. fractions. That way families can choose together which activity to do which will be of interest and is not too easy or too hard.

There are three levels of maths topic – Early (Nursery and P1), First (P2-P4) and Second (P5-7). Within each level there is a range of topics e.g. measurement, fractions, Information handling with a list of activities which get more challenging as you scroll down the page.

The above is only a guide and families are welcome to look at other Levels e.g. P1 may wish to look at the First Level pages as well as Early and P4 at Second level as well as First. Likewise, if a child is less confident with Maths then please have a look at the activities from an appropriate level.

I hope that the activities will further inform you of what is being learned in school and to give you ideas which will encourage discussion  and learning together at home that will have a positive impact on your child’s attainment. It should not be an onerous task and feedback is very welcome.

Our next step is to ensure that we have activities for the wide range of maths topics we have in school and to work on a library of Apps for parents to use at home. Please do let the school know of any useful apps, websites or activities that you may already use at home and we will share them with the school community. These can be for any curricular area – thank you.

It is planned to let families know on a monthly basis what the current maths topics in each class are so you can then look for activities on the school website.

The links for the website are :
School Website – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdps/

Family Learning Home page – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsfamilylearning/

Early Level Activities – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsmathsathome/

First Level Activities – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsmathshomefirst/

Second Level Activities – https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dg/cdpsmathshomesecond/


For the rest of this term families are invited to have a look at the following class maths topics :

P1 Classes – Money and Information Handling

P2 – Measurement and Fractions

P2/3 – Fractions and Money

P3 – Time

P3/4 – Measurement and Money

P4 – Money

P4/5 – Money

P5 – Money, Fractions and Shape

P5/6 – Measurement and Fractions

P6 – Fractions, Decimals and Angles

P6/7 – Measurement, Money and Equations

P7 – Angles and Fractions


Thank you

D Tyson


In Mary Queen of Scots’ Footsteps (P5)

Primary 5 class is finding out about the life and times of Mary Queen of Scots this term. On Wednesday 20th February the class went on a history trip to Edinburgh to visit places where Mary Queen of Scots lived and to also look for connections to Castle Douglas! Please click on the comments button at the top of the post to find out what the class thought of their history visit.

In April the term the class will be exploring a very old road in Galloway that Mary Queen of Scots travelled along but more of that later!

Here are some photographs of our Edinburgh visit from our history detectives.

At the start of the visit – outside the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood


Outside Holyrood Palace and King James V (Mary’s father) Royal Coat of Arms


We looked for historical evidence like street signs. The Canongate was the gate in the city walls where priests would walk through.


More evidence of what was sold in olden days in Edinburgh.


John Knox, who did not like Mary Queen of Scots is supposed to have lived in this house.


The Mercat Cross – where lots of things would have been sold in a street market.

Finding out more about Mary in the Royal Museum of Scotland.


This was the cradle that Mary used for her baby son James. (He later became King of both Scotland and England and Guy Fawkes tried to blow him up!)


A copy of Mary’s tomb which is in Westminster abbey in London. Some of us wondered why her head was still on!


Climbing up the 162 steps (thank you Anna for counting them all!) up the steep slope to the Castle.

Can you spot the two cannonballs which were fired from the castle and hit this house?


Mons Meg cannon. Some historians think this cannon was used once against the walls of our own Threave Castle.

The Royal Palace at the Castle – this was Mary and Henry Darnley’s symbol.


Looking for CD connections – look out for the Douglas Coat of Arms?


The Douglas Coat of Arms – on our school badge and up on the roof!


More Douglas evidence above the Royal Standard – the three Douglas stars and Bruce’s heart.







The Battle of Glentrool!

Primary 5/6 went on a 5 mile history detective walk round Loch Trool in Galloway. In 1307 Robert the Bruce ambushed and defeated an English army who were trying to capture him. We walked in Bruce’s footsteps and tried our best to imagine what it may have been like 800 years ago.

Here are some photographs of our walk and please click on the comments button to read what the class thought about their outdoor history day. Click on a photograph to open a slideshow.

More photographs can be seen on our Twitter feed too – https://twitter.com/castledps  (Twitter account is required).

Click here to view a video made by the Outdoor Education Team.

A quick snack before the detective work begins.

We think that Robert the Bruce may have stood here to signal his army when to attack.

Bruce’s Stone

On our way walking in Bruce’s footsteps.

The waterfall at Buchan Bridge.

We made up our own stories about how this tree was split in two!

We spotted a peacock butterfly.

Walking through ancient oak woods. The countryside would have looked much like this 800 years ago.

Heading for the Battle Site.

What a beautiful place to have lunch! The weather was fantastic too.


Preparing for Battle with our Armour and Coat of Arms.

The Battle Site where the Scots army rolled boulders on to the line of English knights.

Getting ready for ambush.

Here they come!


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