New Topic – The Body

“We were doing drama about the dragon and the mouse. Also we were making our own story. I was a miner. We were writing invitations to the dragon and we read stories about dragons.” (Aryanna, J├íred and Riley)

“We learned a new sound this week and the sound was o_e. We were writing pyramids of words with the o_e letters in it”. (Kayla)

“We were doing mental maths and we had to see the number without counting. We were also doing some different numbers as well. While we were doing mental maths the pen broke”. (Liam, Beth and Rory)

“In our maths we were using counters and paper strips and we were doing sums with halves and quarters” (Bryce).

“We were learning about the body and we needed to ask questions about our body.” (Megan and Natsumi)

Our sound for next week is u_e and we will be continuing to use our fractions knowledge in maths.

Sumdog logins will also be going home next week in homework jotters.

One thought on “New Topic – The Body”

  1. This is really cool and Natsumi has already been down loading knowledge especially how she knows the brain lets us talk (as she like to do)

    Also Sumdog Natsumi was using hers over Christmas so its great it will be part of homework

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