Body Parts

We were writing about our dragon story.

We shared books that we love to read and have written ourselves.

“We were drawing hard words with oats.” (Rhylan)

“We were writing pyramids with the whiteboards and pens and we were using our sound to write the words. The sound was u_e. We were also doing it in groups.” (Natsumi and Georgia)


“We were drawing around our bodies so we could show where the body parts go and what they do. We were having to put them into the right places so they can make our body move.” (Rory and Alexis)

“We were learning about the body. We were matching words with body parts. The words were all verbs. We have a song about it – Every sentence needs a verb, a doing or a being word, happening verbs! We have also learned about more body parts.” (Megan, J├íred, Riley and Nathan)

Next week we will be finishing our maths topic of fractions. Our sound will be ‘aw’.

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