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Well Done on Your Work! – Science


Boys and Girls, to finish our term and year I am going to show you some of the work you did during this time at home. Don’t worry if you don’t see your work here, this are the ones I received via email. Going through all of them again made me smile, hope it makes you smile too!

Well done on your big effort and thank you for sharing them with us.

Let’s see!


Ir a este Sway


Have wonderful summer holidays!

Your Final Well-Being Wednesday: Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid – The Grand Final!

For the final time this year… 

Mr.Mutch and Mr.Reid are ready to go sign off in style, in their biggest challenge yet…

or is it challenges. They even got T-shirts made!

We’ve got the whole show team involved (in front and behind the camera) as we do our own ‘Minute to Win it’ Gameshow. 

There is no leader board for this week but you can watch the games and adapt them to suit the materials in your home. Come together and enjoy lots of endless laughter, just like we did.

We can’t thank you enough for the great response each episode. 

We set out to have a bit of fun and share a community feeling together. Focusing on the mental well being, to have a routine of seeing us each week as we present the next challenge and also viewing the entries of all the other families who took part, the same as you. Plus the physical well being of us all, with the activities we would set.  We hope that during some down time throughout Home Learning this has given a smile and made you laugh.

Enjoy the Final Episode of ‘Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid’ below, 

Have a G.R.E.A.T Summer and we will see you after the break! 




End of Year Reflection

Methlick End of Year Reflection Colour
(PDF link)

This week we won’t be having a Numeracy/Literacy and HWB grid.  Instead, as the school year draws to a close, take some time to reflect upon all that you have experienced over the course of the year.  We would love to hear about the skills you’ve gained, things you’ve felt proud of and memories you’ve shared. Fill in the boxes and send it to your teacher over on Seesaw. (The PDF Links are much more printer friendly)

Here’s a black and white version if you don’t have a colour printer:

Methlick End of Year Reflection Colour black and white
(PDF link)

Feel-Good Friday – Sculpture

This Friday we will be once again visiting the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh for our inspiration.

One of my favourite sculptures in the Gallery of Modern Art is ‘Vulcan’.  He is an enormous figure constructed from steel, measuring 730 cm in height.  He was created by the  Scottish artist, Eduardo Paolozzi

Click on the Sway to find out more about your Feel-Good Friday activity!  I hope you have fun creating it.

Book Club – Reading – Hot – The Ickabog – Chapter 7,8 and 9

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Methlick’s Book Club!

I hope that you have enjoyed your second week of Social Studies fortnight. This week, I have read chapter 7, 8 and 9 of J.K. Rowling’s new book , ‘The Ickabog’. Have you managed to read all three chapters?

Our activities this week:

Chapter 7 – Create a character profile for one of the characters that we have met.

Chapter 8 – Imagine that you live in Cornucopia – What issue would you bring to the king on the Day of Petition?

Chapter 9 – In no more than a paragraph, can you summarise the events of chapter 9?

In the comments below, can you share your response for any of the three tasks?

Well-Being Wednesday: Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid Update

Were getting ready for the final…

Yes we are sadly coming the end of our Ant v Dec Showdown

We decided to make the Methlick Hunt to carry over the two weeks to let us all focus on our Meet the Teacher activities. And for Mr.Mutch and Mr.Reid to put more time into the Final Episode.

We are both working hard to bring it all together.

We would love to get you involved…

You could create a poster or banner for the Final Episode of Mr.Mutch v Mr.Reid and send it in to be feature in the opening.

If you have not completed the Methlick Scavenger Hunt, do not worry you can still take part and find yourself in the leader board during next weeks final!


Sumdog Competition – Spicy/Hot – Numeracy – Term 4 – Week 10

Good morning everyone

If your child has access to their Sumdog account, they can take part in our whole school competition.

The competition starts at 9am today and will finish on Friday at 3.15pm.

The teaching staff will keep an eye on the leaderboard and can offer coins to their class for encouragement!

Congratulations to last week’s winner – Alfie H P6 

Good luck!

Map Skills

Hopefully you have spotted the task on the grid about drawing a map. Map reading and map making are both very important skills to learn. Sometimes the biggest challenge is understanding a map as surprisingly every map is different. So our first challenge is to read and understand the map we plan to use. I found a number of different maps in my house and have added these below for you to look at.

What information do they all have?

What similarities do they have?

Can you spot any major differences?

Is there anything that is unique to each or one map?

See below for some map making and map reading tasks, feel free to do more than one task. I have added some already sent into Seesaw so thank you to those pupils who have shared these.

Task 1 – Describe a journey 

Describe the journey you would normally take to a friend’s house/shop/school or favourite place from your home. If possible, pace it or walk it to help you describe it easily. You could draw it out as a map and add some noticeable buildings or points of interest to your map or you could make a fantastic leaflet or map like the examples below.

Use words such as –  

  • left/right turn 
  • First/Second junction 
  • Walk/drive/run 100m (or relevant)

 Task 2 – Using a map 

Choose 5- 8 cities or towns in Scotland and try and work out how far these are from your home. You could use Google maps, a real map or similar and record the data collected in a table.  See below for an example already posted to Seesaw.

 Answer these questions –  

  • Which city/town is closest? 
  • Which city or town is furthest away? 
  • Can you write any more questions for someone reading your table? 

 Task 3 – Online mapping activities 

Try out the games and activities on this website to learn more about maps.