Egg Box Volume – Numeracy – Hot

Hello everyone,

Have you had a go at the ‘Hot’ Numeracy Challenge – Egg Box Volume?

The task was to  create a net for an easter egg that is 20 cm high and 8cm wide. The net must have a window shape cut into the front to view the egg through.

Here are some simple and straight forward instructions to help you with this task.

1. Create a net for a 3D Cuboid – If you do not have paper big enough to match the dimensions, feel free to alter the measurements. Use a search engine to help with the drawing of your net.

2. Decorate the net of your Cuboid using Easter images – for example, eggs, Easter Bunny or chicks.

3. Carefully cut out an egg shaped-hole in one of the rectangles.

4. Cut out the Cuboid Net and assemble your Easter box!

If you managed to complete this activity, please share your finished product with your class teacher – through Seesaw or email.


Games for Easter and Spring

P4 have been enjoying playing mental maths games on the Digipuzzle website – Pacman is one of their favourites.  Today I found a new Pacman game to play – Easter Words.

Have a look at the Sway to see some of my suggestions for some other games you could play.  You’ll also find links to the website there.

I hope you have fun trying some of them.  Let me know which ones you’ve tried by leaving a comment on the blog.  🙂





Tools for Learning: Sway

Hello Everyone,

You will have seen many people commenting in posts and speaking about Sway.
A few of the classes were shown Sway on final few days of school. That seems quite a long time ago now and it was a lot to remember. I have tried to make my first video tutorial to explain again. As teachers we are also learning new things and it’s very exciting.

Below you will find a Sway which takes you through all the steps in how to access Sway, Create your Sway and Share your Sway. It is split into four parts so that you can focus on the specific instruction you need support with.

There is lots of information but once you start to play around with the program it does become quite easy to follow.

Please DO NOT comment your Sway links on a blog post. The blog is public for everyone to get access to. Your sways should only be able to be accessed and edited by your teachers and yourself. If you make a new sway and want to share it with your teachers, please either send the link in an email or on seesaw.

You can also follow this link to Microsoft’s Youtube which offers multiple videos on Sway.

I hope this helps, please do not hesitate to comment any questions.


Literacy Pobble Story Starter Support with Miss Deans

Hello Everyone 🙂

Hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready for another week of learning.

My blog post today is on our Story Starter task, again I am aware many of you may have already done this but I would encourage you to go through this powerpoint, you could maybe self assess your piece of writing or edit and redraft as this is also a very important skill within your writing that will create depth and progression 🙂

Remember you can send your stories to your individual teacher through their email/ send the link of sway via private message on seesaw.

Word of the Week (Hot)

Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are going to try out some more of the grid activities this week.

Before the school closed, P4 were keen to have a ‘Word of the Week’, challenge.  I thought some of the other classes might like to give it a go too, so here it is.

Click on the Sway to find out what to do.

I wonder if anyone in P6/5 can remember what this week’s word means?  🙂

Scratch Jr Easter Egg Card Challenge!

Many of the you have used the Scratch Jr iPad app in school. It is free to download.

We are challenging those who have access to a device to create an Easter Card – hopefully we will be able to share some of the designs before the end of term.

If you get a wee bit stuck – leave a comment and hopefully we can all help each other.

Also if you DISCOVER something – comment and let us learn from you.

The document below shares how you can break down the task and push yourself to learn more.

Scratch Jr Easter Card Task

Have Fun!

Numeracy – Mental Maths – Spicy/Hot – Update

Hello everyone!

It’s time to practise our Times Tables.

Click on the Sway below to see some NEW fun and challenging activities that you can do at home to improve your multiplication skills.

Please comment and let us know which times tables you have been practising and which activity you are enjoying the most!