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Your Final Well-Being Wednesday: Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid – The Grand Final!

For the final time this year… 

Mr.Mutch and Mr.Reid are ready to go sign off in style, in their biggest challenge yet…

or is it challenges. They even got T-shirts made!

We’ve got the whole show team involved (in front and behind the camera) as we do our own ‘Minute to Win it’ Gameshow. 

There is no leader board for this week but you can watch the games and adapt them to suit the materials in your home. Come together and enjoy lots of endless laughter, just like we did.

We can’t thank you enough for the great response each episode. 

We set out to have a bit of fun and share a community feeling together. Focusing on the mental well being, to have a routine of seeing us each week as we present the next challenge and also viewing the entries of all the other families who took part, the same as you. Plus the physical well being of us all, with the activities we would set.  We hope that during some down time throughout Home Learning this has given a smile and made you laugh.

Enjoy the Final Episode of ‘Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid’ below, 

Have a G.R.E.A.T Summer and we will see you after the break! 




Feel-Good Friday – Sculpture

This Friday we will be once again visiting the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh for our inspiration.

One of my favourite sculptures in the Gallery of Modern Art is ‘Vulcan’.  He is an enormous figure constructed from steel, measuring 730 cm in height.  He was created by the  Scottish artist, Eduardo Paolozzi

Click on the Sway to find out more about your Feel-Good Friday activity!  I hope you have fun creating it.

Well-Being Wednesday: Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid Update

Were getting ready for the final…

Yes we are sadly coming the end of our Ant v Dec Showdown

We decided to make the Methlick Hunt to carry over the two weeks to let us all focus on our Meet the Teacher activities. And for Mr.Mutch and Mr.Reid to put more time into the Final Episode.

We are both working hard to bring it all together.

We would love to get you involved…

You could create a poster or banner for the Final Episode of Mr.Mutch v Mr.Reid and send it in to be feature in the opening.

If you have not completed the Methlick Scavenger Hunt, do not worry you can still take part and find yourself in the leader board during next weeks final!


Feel-Good Friday – National Galleries of Scotland

Today, rather than posting a Sway, I’m going to share some art activities from the National Galleries of Scotland.

Each week, throughout the lockdown, they have been posting ideas for creative projects for children, including mud painting,  spiral finding, map drawing, and bangle making.

Click on the link to find out more.  Don’t forget to take photos of your artwork and tell your teacher how you got on!

Home is where the art is

Have fun!


Well-Being Wednesday: Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid #9 Scavenger Race

The gents are back… back to school!

Yes, teachers have been able to go back into school to prepare for when we all return. Mr.Mutch and Mr.Reid actually saw each other, without the Green Screen.

When they took a break they realised they didn’t have much to do. As most places were closed or that we had been told to avoid. So after a short discussion the teachers had an idea.

Tune in and enjoy this weeks episode of…

Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid

Who is ready for a Scavenger Race?

Your challenge this week is to go on a race following clues around Methlick. You start when you find the location of your first clue. Start the timer when you set off to find clue two.

Remember to take a selfie with the card at the final destination and send it in to your teacher. We will create a video of everyone taking part and send it out next week.

Where will you place on the Leader board?

Feel-Good Friday – Pebble Art

For this Friday’s creative challenge I was inspired by Mrs Fraser’s assembly on different types of art, also by a comment that Hayden made on the blog.

Today we are going to be creating pictures using small stones and pebbles.   The subject of your picture is entirely your choice – it could be your family, your cat or dog,  birds, flowers – anything!

Click on the Sway to find out more …

Don’t forget to take photos of your artwork and send them to your teacher or to me, so that I can make a gallery on Sway to show your creations to everyone.  Have fun, and have a great weekend.

Community Challenge: Mutch v Reid Dance Video

Methlick you are SUPERSTARS!

Today is the day! You have been sending in your dance videos all week and the staff have been working on something as well.

Mrs.Fraser will send out a link to you all through Seesaw to allow you to view the video privately.

Thank you to everyone who took part. We hope you enjoy laughing, smiling and dancing along to our Community Dance Video!

Camouflage – Science

Good Morning Boys and Girls!

I have been looking at all your artwork from last week and this week and it looks fantastic! After seen so many activities related to nature, it made me think of something super fun that you could try at home. It is going to be a big challenge because you will need to be very careful and detailed. Also, it is going to be such a fun challenge, I am already smiling thinking of all the great ideas you might have.

Let’s Begin!


What do you think these 3 animals have in common?

Leaf Tailed Gecko

Mountain Hare



Well done! All of them use their skin to protect themselves from predators, this is called Camouflage. The Mountain Hare changes its fur to white for winter season and brown for the other seasons.

Now, quick challenge, click below and see how fast you can spot the camouflaged animals.

BBC – Earth: How quickly can you spot these camouflaged animals?


Many animals try to hide or blend in with the background to protect themselves from predators, even big animals do it. Even though, some animals can not change the colour of their skin they use other strategies  and high skills to hide. Click on the following video to learn more.

BBC Bitesize – Camouflage

Your Challenge

Click on the sway to see your challenge.

Go to this Sway


Have fun!

Miss Maturana

Mild – Literacy and Exp Arts – An ending to dance to!

What a fortnight of Tiger Tale writing!

  • You have prowled!
  • Found the main character in your story.
  • Been surprised!
  • And now have a problem in your tale!

Time to write the ‘Tail’ end of your story.

How will the problem be solved?

What type of ending will you choose?

  • funny
  • sad
  • surprising
  • happy

What type of ending have I chosen?


Did you expect that?

The mermaid and the tiger danced till dawn!

Let’s dance to celebrate your fabulous Tiger Tales!!




MILD: Numeracy – Shadow Puppets with Shapes

The pictures of your drawings that some of you have sent in look amazing.

It is really interesting how a collection of simple shapes can look like an animal.

Today we are going to do the same with our shapes.

By grouping shapes together in a certain way you get an outline of a line that goes all the way around. When you have these grouped shapes all together in one colour it has a special name…Do you know what it is?

They are called Silhouettes.

Today we are going to create some simple silhouettes and cast their shadow out in the grass to imagine they are in our jungle. You can also set up a torch indoors and play with your shadow puppets.

Follow the Sway below to learn more…

Remember to send in pictures of your work to your teacher through email or seesaw.