Well-Being Wednesday: Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid Update

Were getting ready for the final…

Yes we are sadly coming the end of our Ant v Dec Showdown

We decided to make the Methlick Hunt to carry over the two weeks to let us all focus on our Meet the Teacher activities. And for Mr.Mutch and Mr.Reid to put more time into the Final Episode.

We are both working hard to bring it all together.

We would love to get you involved…

You could create a poster or banner for the Final Episode of Mr.Mutch v Mr.Reid and send it in to be feature in the opening.

If you have not completed the Methlick Scavenger Hunt, do not worry you can still take part and find yourself in the leader board during next weeks final!


3 thoughts on “Well-Being Wednesday: Mr.Mutch vs Mr.Reid Update”

  1. Hi Mr Reid and Mr Mutch, we are wondering what the poster should have on it? Is it writing or a picture? We are not very sure.

    1. It is up to you, The main focus is that it is the final episode of Mutch v Reid. That is the only piece of information you need the rest is on your creativity.

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