S.T.E.M Week

S.T.E.M Week- what we did on Stem Week

Monday – 

On Monday the part of STEM we did was Science (Physics and Chemistry) and engineering.

On Monday we built ramps and tested them to see how far the cars would travel when they went down the ramps also to test which ramp was the best with height and length. Another thing we did on Monday was draw a euro tunnel and we did journey activities. The journey activities included life cycles, linking animals and many more. we also made paper aeroplane’s and through them to see how far they could go, and we tried to get it better every time to see if we could go further. Also we learned about different types of rocks and a little about volcano eruptions, we did our own volcano eruption.

Learning intention: I can make something then if something is wrong fix the mistakes.

Next steps: to try and test the ramps a little bit better.


Tuesday – 

On Tuesday the part of STEM week we did was engineering.

On Tuesday we took a trip to Peter head and visited JBS and score and these are both engineering companies. In JBS they had a magician, and we had a little tour of the job site and got to work a crane. At score we got another tour of the job site, we got to see a jet engine and how they test it we got to go into the control room and also got to do an obstacle course and other fun activities.

Learning intention: I understand how to work a crane safely. 

Next steps: my next steps are to volunteer for more things next time.

Wednesday –

On Wednesday the part of STEM we did was biology.

On Wednesday we did biology. We watched an episode of David Attenborough (Wild isles) it was about the UK and all the islands around it and about all the animals that live on it. We did some activities on that topic that included living things, non-living thing and animals and plants. (etc)

Learning intentions:  I can understand what an invertebrate and a vertebrate.

Next steps: add more information about the animals and plants.


Thursday – 

On Thursday the part of STEM we did was biology, maths and technology

On Thursday we had science with Miss Reynolds, we learned about different types of flowers and parts of them. After science we did some work with the robots (bee-bots, rugged robots and dot and dash).

Learning intentions: i can understand how to use the robots.

Next step: to try and understand a little bit more.


Friday –  

On Friday the part of STEM we did was biology

On Friday we had more science with Miss Reynolds, and we broke up a flower into its segments, we got to see the petals, eggs and more. We later then put it onto a sheet of paper with  tape and labelled everything. 

Learning Intentions: I can take a flower apart and find all the pieces and label them.

Next steps:to try and not lose all the pieces of the flower.


Learning Intension:                                                                                                                                    I can work cooperatively when completing outdoor learning challenges.

Success Criteria

  • Work as part of a team
  • Communicate with others
  • Show good listen skills
  • Be supportive of others
  • Challenge yourself.     

Learner dispositions used:                                                                                                                   The dispositions I used were challenge cheetah and self-motivated squirrel.


I enjoyed the rock climbing the most because I got up to the top three times in a row and it was fun.

The activities I didn’t like were raft building and canoeing I didn’t like them because the water was freezing.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Summer Show “what’s the crime Mr Wolf”

This is about our show called what’s the crime Mr wolf.

Our show is linked to expressive arts.

learning Intensions:

acting-I can perform in different roles.

Speaking- I can communicate in a clear, expressive way.

Dancing- I can perform a set of linked steps.

Singing- I can sing from a range of styles.

Success Criteria:

  • Acting-
  • differ facial expression
  • use hand movement
  • use body language
  • stay in character
  • face audience


  • loud, clear voice
  • use expression
  • memorize lines
  • talk slower that normal
  • face audience


  • listen to music
  • keep in time
  • know movements
  • know order of moves
  • exaggerate moves


  • Listen to rhythm
  • learn song words
  • sing in time to music
  • pronounce all words clearly
  • do not shout

Summery of activity: My role was Johnny mole, I was a secret agent I found out the evidence against Mr wolf but then it blew up. I had three other mole assistants. I hid secret cameras throughout the forest to try catch Mr wolf on camera.

Learner dispositions: Challenge cheetah because I challenged myself on stage, self-motivated squirrel because I was hard-working and focused trying to learn my lines and dances, Resilient Racoon because I persevered when I forgot my line in the morning show and I was able to remember it.

Feedback: To talk slower and more clearly.

Next steps: To talk slower

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