Infant area-Diversity week

The infant area have been learning on how to say hello in different languages.

The languages they have been learning are Chinese Polish Russian Lithuanian French

They did arts and craft on faces how to draw different expressions.

They learned about houses in different types of areas like sea houses village houses normal houses.

They were also learning about Islam and how its different to other religious stuff.

They learned about disability’s  and how people are different




P6M Ghana

This week Vicki came to our class and told us about how life is in Ghana. There houses are made out of straw for the roofs and mud for the walls. They don’t have washing machines so you have to wash your clothes by yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if your a girl or a boy you still have to do it. For getting water you have to walk miles to a water pump you have to pump to get water out and then you need to carry it on your head so back does not hurt after. There is a school but it is not as good as our school. The tables are made out of  wood. There is also an orphanage for people whose mum and dad have passed away or left them on the roads because it is too much money. If you have a baby sibling you have to babysit them even if you are still a child you have to wrap them on your back with a cloth type of materiel. If there is a car that is going the same place as you. You have to jump on top of the car it is really unsafe because your hands are holding on and your hands are slippy and there is potholes the size of you, you can get flung of the back of the car and you can really get injured and the doctors are not really good there. Music there is really fun the use hand made drums and other instruments and they play them on the side of the road.

P3A Lithuania

P3A learned about Lithuania they had talk from Augusts mother and learned some phrases and words and the flag made a flag this afternoon. They also  had a talk from Ugne who shared some pictures about her family and trips to Lithuania.


Article two is all about  women, women does not like doing jobs all there lives and some places if your a girl in work you’ll get less pay and its not fair! Would you like to work where you want to work and get payed the same as men well i would. Before girls weren’t allowed to join the army or military.

P4/5 – Ghana

We learned about Ghana and how that they speak English and for they washing they have to carry a bucket on the head. Vikik has been there 9 TIMES!!!

What are we doing?

we are learning about autism, ADHD, dyslexic  and MORE!

P3/4 and P4H

They have been learning about differing’s disability like ASHD and Dyslexia.


Jamey and was talking about  life in Moldova and they listened to Vicky talking about Ghana

P5S Scottish marine

First of all Drew spoke about type’s of pollution some types of pollution are plastic pollution. Come things we learned about was the Moray fourth then we played a game places from the highlands I got 2 right so I got 2 points. Then we  done a litter pick save the sea please.



Yesterday we got a visiter called Vicky  she told us about Ghana about the houses the people the food the water and  how they transport  how they eat and the ofanages

Vicky first told us about the houses that the roofs are made out of straw and the walls are made of hard mud  and they don’t have rooms the kitchen has pots and coal under the pots no sinks to microwave and no oven.

Then she told us about the people if the mam and dad are working or cleaning or doing jobs any one above the age of 8 had to babysit their little brother or sister or little cosien if they didn’t have to baby sit they would have to get water some only had to walk for two minites but some had walk for miles and they caried the their big buckets on their heads i would not be abel to carry them for two minetes so no way i will carry them for miles

Then how they transport if some one was going somewhere they wanted to go they would just jump on to their car and Vicky told us that her and her family had seen people fall of the car of all ages because the massive pot holes


P3/4 Moldova

Moldova is one of the poorest countries. Jamesie went there and helped a bit and by that I mean a LOT. He told us that every year for 10 weeks they have like a camp but different . Its like they sit on seats and watch Jaimie and his friend doing a little show and they listen to stories from the bible he also said that his friend would translate so Jamesie would say something in English  and his friend would translate to Moldavian.

About P3/4 and P4 Diversity Week


They have been learning about different disability like ADHD, Dyslexia.

They have been learning about languages, Personality, ages, different foods, different actives, country’s and colours


Listing to Jamesie talking about life in Maldova.

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