P4-7 blog!

Welcome ladies and gents, boys and girls to the P4-7 blog! All the kids have been having lots of fun doing their work, but they have also been working hard and have been concentrating very hard! You will find out all about their hard and fun work while you are reading this masterpiece!  

P4 –

The P4s have been making 3d art cakes and taking down the artwork on the wall for next year. Also, they are very lucky to have been taking a survey on what chocolate piece they would like to make but hopefully their teacher didn’t eat it all! 

P5 –

The P5’s have been focusing on making a book for a competition for the Macduff Aquarium! This will be their final piece of writing in P5! They will be illustrating the front page as well! 

P6 –

This week the P6’s have been having lots of fun! They have been doing measurement in maths! They have also been finishing off their reading and library books so the books can go back to the library! They have also met up with their P7 teachers and did lots of fun activities with them! They have also been doing art with Mrs Smith! They have also been watching videos and voting for the people they want to be their house captains!


Nursery-P3 Blog!

Welcome ladies and gents, boys and girls to the nursery-P3 blog! They have all been having lots of fun this week but have also been having so working very hard! They almost have only a week left of school and the P7’s will be going up to the academy after the summer! WOW! 



The nursery has been doing their graduation they got to shake charley and Flynn’s hand from P6 they also got a graduation hat. They also have been doing a tea party with all the nursery they have had lots of fun with it. They have been doing den building at James Ramsey Park they have been making stick men. They also had a campfire and it looked so fun I’m jealous most excitingly they have been doing house captain voting!!! Thanks for listening to what the nursery have been doing.   


P1 have been outside playing stilts and skipping rope and have been doing reading and some comprehension. They have also been doing House Captain voting, writing about sports week, and meeting their new teacher.


This week the P3s have happily been moving class and they now feel like bigger kids in the school. Last week they were looking forward to going to Aden Park in Mintlaw. They have been doing the hard fractions.

P4-P7 Blog!!


Ladies and gents’ boys and girls welcome to the p4-7 blog! today all of the school were so sad to have the p7s leavers assembly so sit back and enjoy listen to what the p4-7 have been doing!!!!! Thye have been a fun week! 



They have been doing a chatterpix on how it is to be in p4 they also have been doing diamond painting and they have been warming up into their new class. They have been expressing their feelings on leaving p4. 


This week the P5’s have been helping to get their classroom ready for the next P5’s that will be taught there next! They have also been working on their P5 number work! The final thing they have been doing is sharing all of their fun memories in P5! 


This week P6s have had a fun week so far so let me tell you about it. On Monday we had a fun end of year quiz and the EMO girls won. It was a great quiz.  Now I will tell you we had an amazing time on the games on the I pads and this morning we watched the P7s leaver assembly. It was emotional. Lastly, we had lots of fun with Kapla. 


They have had their leavers assembly and decorating Strawberries. On Friday they are going to have fun water fights. Next, we have an AOG and an end of term assembly we will miss the P7s. There is so many good memories that come back of them. 

Thanks for reading




Welcome lady and gent’s boys and girls were going to tell you about the fun week that Nursery – P3 have had. They have been very busy this week and are ready for another year of south park.  


All the nursery have been at the beach doing lots of fun things. They have been doing activities like sandcastle compition and running up tiger hill. It sounds like they are having lots of fun. 


The P1’s has been doing Kodaly! That means they have been learning the beets in music! They have also been doing loads of fun, summer activities! They have also been reflecting on their fun memories in the entire year of P1!  


This week P2 have been working hard to finish jotters and any jobs they haven’t finished. Also, they have been working on some pictures to colour for two displays. 


P3 are also at the beach doing fun activities and yesterday they walked to the church to learn about what has been happening in the year some of the pupils in the school got a trophy or a certificate 

Nursery-P3 Blog!!

Welcome ladies and gents, boys and girls to the Nursery-P3 blog! The classes have been having lots of fun, but they have also been working very hard! The kiddies have been doing things for their local park and you will find out about that very soon!


Nursery have happily been watching caterpillar and realising them. They have been doing art for James Ramsie Park. Lastly, they have been practicing their sports day. Stay fit and have FUN. 


This week the P1s have been making a Jubilee personal account on what they were doing on the Jubilee. Along with that, for maths the P1’s have been Learning how to read O’clock times and how to do adding and subtracting. On Tuesday, the amazing p7’s went to visit the P1’s. In that time, they were doing Drama activities, Health and wellbeing activity’s, computing activities and playing with Capla blocks. Finally, the P1s have were practising there sports day is the playground.  


P2 have been working on their handwriting they also have been doing story maps, they have been doing health and wealth being in it they were learning about the body and what is healthy for them. In math they have been doing fact families and a couple of weeks ago they planted plants and today they are getting to take them home. Today they are getting to meet their new teachers. Thanks for listening to what the P2’s have been doing they have had lots of fun doing all the activities.    



 The P3s have been doing multiplying and dividing. I think one day they could all be math geniuses one day. For their gym they have been practising for sports day which they are all very excited about. In literacy they have been learning all about fact and opinion. One of their favourite things they have done this week is practising their typing skills. 



The P4-6 Blog

Welcome ladies and gents, boys, and girls to the P4-P6 blog! The P6 have been having some interviews and you will find out about that soon. Everyone has been working extremely hard in all their work. Even though they have been working hard, they have also had lots of fun. Last week as the whole school had a humungous Jubilee party with the South Park’s Got Talent, and they also had sandwiches and hotdogs for lunchHave fun reading our school blog! 

The p4s have been listening to more of Charlie and the chocolate factory, they have also been making raps for Charlie and the chocolate factory characters. Have you ever made rap? In math they have been learning about probability and chance. In art they have been doing jubilee art like making corgis and the union jack and they have been having a lot of fun with everything.  


P5 have been practicing their tug of war and three-legged race for their sports week. In math P5 have they know that half of a litre = 500 ml. They also know that 500g = half a kg. Now they know that 50cm is half a meter. 


This week the P6’s has been Doing French with Mrs Smith. They were learning all about feelings and how they are spelt and pronounced in French. For P.E, they were practising their sports day races. The races they have been practicing are Flat race sack race, army crawl, 3-Legged race, relay and wheelbarrow race. Some verry exiting new is most of the P6’s have got their house captain Internews. Finally, they have been looking at rock for science with Mrs Reynolds. 

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