Easter Special!

Welcome to this weeks easter blog! We are sure you are all aware that tomorrow is the last day of school. So in preparation of the holidays, we thought that we should give you an easter special before we go!


Have you ever been on the bus well the nursery certainly has! They all loved going on the bus riding around. Do you like easter well the nursery have been celebrating just a tad early. They have been doing easter stories and going on fun easter egg hunts. Do you like going on trips, well they nursery have went on a fun trip to the light house museum.

Primary 1

First of all the primary 1s have been learning about the background of easter and what it is. Do you know what it is? They learned that Jesus was crucified on easter but came back to life. So to remember this they made their own story maps showing the story of easter. They also decorated easter eggs with ripped papers. Primary 1 also got very busy and creative with their own easter themed play time. Do you go to the dentist? Well the primary 1s had a visitor teach them all about their teeth and how to keep them clean! Finally the primary 1s have been learning how to keep a;; their money safe in their piggy banks.

Primary 3

this week the p3s have been working super hard this week with the holidays coming up its been mostly with the easter story about Jesus being crucified then put in a tomb then came back alive on easter Sunday. Do you like making easter story’s well to remember Jesus and how he is very importing to Christin’s.  have you ever made a easter egg with paper well the boys and girls have been making some easter eggs with paint and paper to make some very nice eggs for easter.

31.3.22 Update


Welcome to this week’s blog! This week the p6s has been extra busy with the egg competition and the p4s and p5s have been doing story writing so get your easter eggs ready so let’s get right into this




Are you good at coding well you will be excited for this next bit? Some of the p7s have been working on Lego league where you have fun with friends and do coding. Well, if you like Lego just wait for Friday you might get a little surprise on the assembly. Do you like to be dramatic well we have been doing drama outside and having lots of fun doing this and soon some people might be better than professionals.!



This week the p5s have been extra busy with wool and weaving to make tartan let’s hope no one is having a wedding any time soon. Do you like Easter well this week they have been doing a lot to do with Easter in p5 they have been learning the story of Jesus and why he is importin and in maths they have been doing fractions into percentages let’s see is the p5s have been paying attention so what is 1/5 into a percent.



Do you like shapes? well p4s have been learning to do shapes symmetrical circles and preserves writing about making their teachers a Jacobite or a red coat let’s hope it’s not a red coat but if it is run

A beach blog special!

Welcome to this weeks blog! This week the nursery, P1 and the P2 have went on a field trip to the beach, however we will learn about that later…before we tell you we would like to put out a warning to all moms reading this. YOU DIDN’T HEAR ANYTHING!



While we have had a normal week the boys in girls in the nursery, P1 and P2 have been very busy! Have you ever gone to the beach with your friends? Well, the boys in girls in the infant and junior area have been lucky and been partying at the beach. They got their little hands sandy bringing the beach home… From the campfire to the dunes. They also found themselves taking the role of a barista making hot chocolates and roasting  marshmallows.



Do you like stories well the nursery have been getting read lots of fun stories which they all really have enjoyed, and they hope to get to listen to more stories. They all love their mums, so they have been making lovely Mother’s Day treats and they are all ready to surprise their mums with their loving gifts!


Have you ever had a Scavenger hunt? (There really fun!) well the p2’s has been doing a big scavenger hunt in the little one’s playground searching far and wide to find stuff. Get your sunglasses out for the p2’s have been to James Ramsey park.


Have you ever made a card well the p3s have been making lovely Mother’s Day cards. All them math geniuses in p3 have loved doing measuring. They have been using metre wheels, rolling them all about. They also did a very nice scavenger hunt, have you ever done a scavenger hunt?

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