P4H girls workplace, Ghana, Moldova

We learned about  goals one of the goals ware that girls get the same respect as boys get. And we learned about Ghana.  Viki told us all about Ghana and Jamesie told us about Moldova!

In Ghana they walk for miles to get water.

In Moldova they drink dirty water.


In Diversity week we have been learning about Ghana Ghana is 3rd world country. A 3rd world country is a country that has no money.

In Ghana they still have schools but if you dont have enough money. You have to get sponsored when you get sponsored they pay you money. To go to school

In Ghana you have no washing machine which means you have to do it on your own. To try up the clothes they hang them up on a tree. In Ghana it is very hot so you dont have to worry about your clothes getting rained on.

In Ghana their houses are made of dry mud and the roofs are made of straw. The whole family sleep in one whole room. So if you have alot of children. You have to share one big room its can be sometimes grandpas granny’s. That can also live in that one big room.


P7M – Ghana

This week is diversity week we are learning all about diversity!  We have had many visitors , one of the visitors came was Vicky. She was telling us all about Ghana when she visited , She also went there 9 times ! Vicky explained a lot of people don’t have luxury things like we have. Like iPad , phones and so much more. Vicky also brought in some instruments for us to try!




We learned about Ghana                                                                                                                    In Ghana you have to be sponsored to go to school and Academy.                            In Ghana you have to walk a mile to get water then you have to carry it on you head back.                                                                                                                                                  No matter what age you are you might need to wash clothes and then you need to  climb a tree and hang clothes on it.                                                                             The academy has no walls so you have to work outside on a bench and seats.


In diversity week we have been told about Ghana.

Vicky told us that they had to walk 3.7 miles to get water and toddlers had to do it, and if it got nocked off you haft to walk all the way back.

There house’s were made of mud and there roof was made of hay, there kitchen had pans only. Vicky also told us that there was an orphanage and Vicky told us that she helped and played with then, some of then had now show’s.


Hall Clubs

The hall club is on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and the times are 1:00 to  1:30. The clubs that are in the hall is dancing computer games on ipad/laptop drawing and construction and board games.  Each day there is two digital leaders that are in charge.

P6S Uganda

Today Lisa came to the school she was speaking about Uganda. In Uganda she went to see the people she made orphanage and it was like a village they made a park church and a school and last they academy! But they could not go for COVID 19.

P3/4 Moldova

Moldova is one of the poorest countries. Jamesie went there and helped a bit and by that I mean a LOT. He told us that every year for 10 weeks they have like a camp but different . Its like they sit on seats and watch Jaimie and his friend doing a little show and they listen to stories from the bible he also said that his friend would translate so Jamesie would say something in English  and his friend would translate to Moldavian.

About P3/4 and P4 Diversity Week


They have been learning about different disability like ADHD, Dyslexia.

They have been learning about languages, Personality, ages, different foods, different actives, country’s and colours


Listing to Jamesie talking about life in Maldova.

P4/5- Scottish Marine

Yesterday we had Drew for the afternoon . He was teaching us to not throw litter in the sea water and to throw it in the bin . Next we went to pick up litter in the park . After we came back  to class and we had to tray to get the five people in order from the longest to the shortest wat we think the order is.

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