Stem Week

Hello ladies and gents we are here to tell you all about stem week. During stem week we had lots of visitors that came into the school and trips that we went on.  Everyone had great fun and a busy week. 😀


 Almost all the infants went to the science centre on Thursday and got to play with an x-ray and bones! They saw robots moving and looked right at them and was speaking (and that may be a little creepy) they made paper air planes and they flew in the air! The ball vortex had some spinning planets and then they used a microphone, and the microphone recorded their voice and made a song with it and on then they saw a sheep poop but had a great laugh! making their own cars was quite fun and then they made waves by rolling a ball of Plasticine and experienced gravity and did some push and pull some people went to Tesco, got fruit and water with colouring competition then got a tour, got products then did their pretend scanning saw the lorries, went to the bakery and saw what happened at costumer service where the money goes up the shoot and into the safe. ✈🍍🍅🍓🍉🥛



was making ocean diagrams and learning the ocean food chain then a visitor from I.F.C came and taught them and a visitor came to tell them about the canning process of food and  let them try the fish. A day they made a   robot obstacle courses, made algorithms then a very special guest came and they were a R.O.V pilot, and talked about how it is made for the ocean floor execrate and they had lots and lots of fun when they made a slimy cornflower slime and got covered but had a great time, next they used scratch and robot iPad apps making explore programs and making sure they don’t crash, became spies by using invisible ink to make secret message! , and I did not know this, but they sure do and that is that non-Newtonian material goes hard if you punch it but if pick up or put it in your finger slowly it turns into liquid and can fall off your hand next they did bubble prints, made paper air planes of different materials and rafts and buildings to get goat or dinosaur (quite a debate on what animal they used) across the water, played with bee bots and read ALL the science books even I can’t do that! 🐟🐠🌅🌊



The extension went to the science centre and went to Gray and Adams and got a tour. They made 3 D shapes with sticks and they said they had fun and it looked easy but was a bit hard. They made I-Movies  on cycling and had entered a competition at tech fest pollution to stop motion water cycle a college visitor told them about the ocean learning pit reading corner maths N.E.S.C.O.T collage, they did some scratch coding#, used micro bits and bee bots in maths. their tech fest workshop was stem through the ages such as Egyptians and Greeks and how they used stem. They did an engineering challenge and had to build sturdy bridges, chairs and built a ramp and making the chairs from cardboard. at the collage they saw some science and engineering the science was explosions and they made a bottle light on fire.  🚲🔥🧊🥼🥽🔬🧪


At score the class was split into two and I was in the first group with half the class and we put on some bright yellow vests and safety glasses (in my opinion it was a little too much) but anyways we went down tons and tons of stairs and then went into this warehouse like place and it felt like it could go on forever Then we saw an engine in testing, a metal X-ray and all the parts that have been sent to them to clean and now I know how much metal can rust over time. After our tour we got to do some activities these were holding an egg on a spoon whilst doing a course

, At J.B.S we did not get a tour, but we had A telling us about cooperation, communication, and safety and how they mean a lot at a workplace, school and wherever then some of people used the crane to lift metal and at the end we got sweeties, word searches and a pen. giving people instructions to build a Lego set on a radio phone and lastly having a ruler and a rubber and six coins and making it the same weight now I know what happens offshore. 🌍⛴🚁🌊



~Red nose day!~

Happy red nose day! We have been celebrating red nose day, we have been doing do much activites.

House quiz!

We have done a house quiz! Its when we all meet up in the hall and we put a coin inside our houses box for the people to win! Or think they will win. Then are houses Mormond, Philorth , Fraser and Kinnard.  We all answer questions that are on the screen. Whoever gets the most points they win! The winning house was Philorth !! Well done Philorth ! And congrats to the other teams.

Bake off!

Each class has been baking some cupcakes, biscuits and so much more stuff!

World Book Day

learning intention:                                                                                                                                  I can talk about a book I have enjoyed reading.

diary of a wimpy kid the long haul

It was about a family that went on a road trip to visit there grandma. It started of quite good but then it started to go down hill. They got stopped by police because there kids were being silly and a lot more happened.

I liked it because it was very funny and so entertaining for me some books are quite boring but this book was very fun to read most parts made me laugh and the movies are also amazing.

I wouldn’t change anything about this book personally i think its the best book I’ve ever red.

For World Book Day I was out of class the whole day doing a world book day book hunt with every class in the school in the school in the morning we did p1,2,3, nursery and primary 7 and in the afternoon we did p4,5,6 and afternoon nursery. it was a lot of fun because I didn’t know where the books where either so I had to find them along the way as well.

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