Nursery-P3 Blog!!

Welcome ladies and gents, boys and girls to the Nursery-P3 blog! The classes have been having lots of fun, but they have also been working very hard! The kiddies have been doing things for their local park and you will find out about that very soon!


Nursery have happily been watching caterpillar and realising them. They have been doing art for James Ramsie Park. Lastly, they have been practicing their sports day. Stay fit and have FUN. 


This week the P1s have been making a Jubilee personal account on what they were doing on the Jubilee. Along with that, for maths the P1’s have been Learning how to read O’clock times and how to do adding and subtracting. On Tuesday, the amazing p7’s went to visit the P1’s. In that time, they were doing Drama activities, Health and wellbeing activity’s, computing activities and playing with Capla blocks. Finally, the P1s have were practising there sports day is the playground.  


P2 have been working on their handwriting they also have been doing story maps, they have been doing health and wealth being in it they were learning about the body and what is healthy for them. In math they have been doing fact families and a couple of weeks ago they planted plants and today they are getting to take them home. Today they are getting to meet their new teachers. Thanks for listening to what the P2’s have been doing they have had lots of fun doing all the activities.    



 The P3s have been doing multiplying and dividing. I think one day they could all be math geniuses one day. For their gym they have been practising for sports day which they are all very excited about. In literacy they have been learning all about fact and opinion. One of their favourite things they have done this week is practising their typing skills. 



P4-7 Blog


Welcome to this week’s blog for things like St Modan’s care home to even just the p7 transition to the academy. If you like books well, we have a bit in the p5s bit about Charlie and the chocolate factory. Now sit back and get out your popcorn for the p4- 7 blog. 


Have been leaning about Charlie and the chocolate factory, they have been learning about the characters feeling’s mostly Veruca and Agustas Gloop. They have been using there imagination to draw a picture. They labelled characters emotions and for Veruca they wrote things like rude sassy ect. They have been trying to get the hang of using inference while reading. 


Have you ever been to St. Modens care home well this week the p5s has been helping the elderly by making gift boxes how sweet is that! Other than that, they have been doing maths with choosing jobs with math and with looking at inventions and how math plays an important role in the world. 


This week the p6’s has been doing French with Mrs Smith. They have been learning how to ask how to ask someone what the day is like today and how to respond. In their health and wellbeing, they have been Learning about how bad smoking and drinking is and how to make good decisions. In maths, they have been doing 2D and 3D shapes like how to draw triangles circles and how to find the diameter and radius. The p6’s have also been reading the first part of the Beowulf story and making a story map about it. 


Have you ever had a visit from a PSW from the BIG Fraserburgh Academy? Well, the P7’s has, and they were listening to a Presentation that the PSW presented! P7L have been creating a personal project! They have chosen between 3 subjects which were: Leisure, Entertainment and World Cup! We would personally choose Entertainment, What about you? They have also had parents and guardians come in for Sharing the Learning! They have been showing their parents and guardians their improvement in their coding skills. The final thing they have been learning is algebra! All together we think they have been working very hard this week! 

Glow blog 9/12/21

Welcome to this week’s glow blog, we hope you enjoy! 



The nursery has been learning about shapes and the size of things in maths. 


This week P1 have been keeping their fingers busy! They have been making Xmas cards, Patterns, Finger skills, Decorate the tree and Art and crafts. 



The P2s have been making beautiful Christmas cards and have also been completing some Christmas crafts. 



P3 has some ICT whizzes in their classes! They made books using book creator, learning how to use glow and they are looking at stories from the bible. 

December Update

Hello and welcome to our digital leader blog!  

We have gone on a walk and found out about all the fun things and milestones the, P1, P2 and P3s have been learning. 



The p1s have been learning about how to keep safe and have been trying to write their own Christmas story. 



P2m have been do lots of work in their class like their Christmas tree art (it is beautiful and wonderful). 

Also, they have been working hard on their story writing and handwriting. 




P3s have been doing a lot of work on subtraction and time in numeracy. We hope they are getting on well with their numeracy. They have also been learning about the story of stickman so they can use it as inspiration for their story writing, and finally been learning about Christianity.  


We also looked at the classes décor. 



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