Jubilee Week P4-7

Welcome ladies and gents, boys and girls. This is the P4-P7 blog! All the children have been having fun making things for the Queen’s Jubilee! Even though they have been working hard they have also been having lots of fun. Tomorrow is a Jubilee Party. Quick reminder, children can wear fancy clothes or something red, white or blue. It will be outside so wear something that will keep you cosy. 


The P7s have been doing fun jubilee activities and have been practicing the British Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’ for the jubilee party. They have also been filming for their Leavers Assembly. For PE they have been doing rugby! Lastly, they have been working on their personal projects and have been working on them for a while now. 


This week the Primary 6’s have been making crowns for the jubilee party which will be with the whole school. Along with that they have made extra bunting with the colours of the Jubilee and the crown (purple and silver). For tomorrow they have been practicing the British anthem God Save The Queen. 


This week they have been making a chatterpix of the queen which they have just loved. Also, they have been busy making beautiful jubilee decorations. They have also been making crowns and flags. They been practising God save the queen. 


This week P4 have been busy working on their singing while practising God Save The Queen. Are you excited for sports week well the p4s have been practising their sports day races. Also, for gym they have been doing some athletics and have been really enjoying doing it. They have been very busy getting their fingers dirty while working on their Charlie and the chocolate factory display. 

Catch up with the little kids

Welcome ladies and gents, boys and girls to the Nursery-P3 blog! All classes have been doing extremely well in all curricular areas. Even though they have been doing very well, they have been having loads of fun and getting their little fingers dirty. What have you been doing this week? 



The nursery has been learning how to build dens and make them secure. They had to collect sticks, and leaves to make them secure. They were also doing numeracy and they have been doing well and having lots of fun. There mams and dads are coming in to see what they are doing and to play with them. They have been learning how to care for a plant and measuring them.  


This week the P1’s have been doing work to do with the Queens Jubilee. They have been making crowns and bunting to do with the Jubilee and the Union Jack. The p1’s has also been watching a series called Sam’s sandwich. For their hygiene they have been learning about healthy food and how to prepare and make a sandwich. 



Primary three have been linking multiple devotion. They have also been learning about plants and have been working hard lastly, they have been working Apostrophes and speaks marks. 

Nursery-P3 blog

Welcomes ladies and gents, boys and girls, this is the Nursery-P3 blog! The classes have been doing things to do with the Queen’s Jubilee. Another reminder the children can wear party clothes or anything red, white or blue! If the weather is fine the party will be outside. All classes have been doing very well in all subjects and are improving by the minute. 


The nursery has been making Union Jack flags and they have been growing lettuce and eating it for snack. Lastly, they have been making dens and they are growing up so fast that they had a visit to Primary one can you believe it. 


The P1’s have been learning the song ‘God Save The Queen’ for the Queen’s Jubilee Party. They have also been learning how to make sandwiches and also designing bags for them! They have also been making crowns. They have also been playing in the nursery’s garden for a little while. The last thing they have been doing is learning o’clock time. 


This week the P2s have been doing French with Mrs Mauri. Along with that, they were doing science and Reading station too. In maths they were doing big maths. They have done reading stations and for their spelling they have been doing handwriting. 


Primary three have been working on deforestation. In maths they have been doing multiplying and division questions. 


Thanks for reading😊



Nursery-P3 Blog

Welcome to this week’s blog the nursery p1s p2s and p3s has been working really well with work so sit back and let the p1s do all the work with the queen’s jubilee.


This week the Nursery kids have been up to the library and gotten their book bug bags. Some good news in the nursery is there are new kids.! Some of the people who are going into P1 went to visit their new p1 classes. Finally, the Nursery’s have been doing some work for the Queens Jubilee.


Have you learnt about eating healthy? When the primary 1 parents came to their class, they were doing Literacy.  They have been making jubilee party decoration. They also like to play in the afternoon after they have done all their work is done. One last thing they went to book bug.



Have you ever had your parents or family come to a sharing the learning? Well, the little kiddies in primary 2s have had their parents/family in. They were doing fun literacy stations for their sharing the learning to show off the skills they have to their family. They have had their families in on Wednesday and Thursday. But they have one more day which is tomorrow  Friday.


Have you ever learned about the different types of energy? Well, the kiddies in P3 have and they have been doing very well indeed! In maths they have been doing fractions! They have also been doing multiplying and dividing! They have been doing extremely well in both curriculars! They have also been learning about Windmills and the energy in windmills. The last final thing they did was write a really cool story about The Green Island! All together they have been doing very well in all subjects!


P5H have been learning about french like the eiffiel tower and other places we all made a big picture of  one of them in groups i was with mason,reece,kayla and shopie we made the eiffiel tower it is good.

Have fun with the p6-7

Welcome to this week’s blog! thank you to the p6s (Rylie charley and Lilly) for being new digital leader to do the blogs well if you like manifestos you will like todays blog let’s get into in 



Are you excited to go to Dalguise in p7 well the p7s from this year have just got back. Today we are going to tell you a few peoples favourite activities: Emma – Giant swing or ab sailing, Nicole- Giant swing and Chloe- Trapeze. What activity are you most looking forward to? The teachers also had loads of fun at Dalguise too! The teachers took part in all of the activities that were taken place! 



This week the P6’s has been learning the British Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’ to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee! Along with that, they have also been painting a poster of the queen with different tones of colours for the Jubilee. With Mrs. Smith they have been learning French! They have learned the French numbers, and along with that ‘Happy Birthday’ in French. Aldo with Mrs. Smith they are doing Positive and Negative Space Art! For PE, the classes have been learning Badminton Skills. 

Glow blog for Nursery to Primary 3

Welcome to this week’s nursery to P3 blog, as you may already know, we are training new P6 digital leaders and we must say they are doing Amazing! Anyway, lets see what everyone’s but up to whether its making salads or graduating before the P7s.


Did you graduate for nursery? Well, some little Kiddies from the nursery will be graduating soon and recently have been practising their special song. They have also been getting ready for the queen’s jubilee by practising a song for the queen. For the queen’s jubilee they have been trying to be kings and queens by making crowns. Have you ever made bunting well the nursery certainly has made some special bunting for the queen. Other than the queen’s jubilee they have been also been building /making dens.



This week the kids in P1 have been learning about healthy foods and where they come from. In math these kids have been smart by learning about fractions. The story they have been reading is about a ladybird. Finally, they have been making beautiful artwork with their tiny little fingers and hands


Have you ever written a recipe for a salad? Well the kiddies in P2 did and they also prepared a salad! WOWEE!! For Maths they have been ordering numbers for smallest to highest! The Step 2’s did numbers up to 100 and the step 3’s did numbers up to 1,000! Also, for maths they have been counting in 2s and 5s and have been doing well in all of their subjects!


Do you like Recycling well the p3s have been doing well with recycling and learning with it and with the story messy magpie story to do with recycling and they have been doing facts and opinions is the p7s the best at doing blogs? And for P.E they have been doing cricket and they have been doing it well. For maths they have been doing fractions with shapes and numbers.

P4-7 Blog


Welcome to this week’s blog for things like St Modan’s care home to even just the p7 transition to the academy. If you like books well, we have a bit in the p5s bit about Charlie and the chocolate factory. Now sit back and get out your popcorn for the p4- 7 blog. 


Have been leaning about Charlie and the chocolate factory, they have been learning about the characters feeling’s mostly Veruca and Agustas Gloop. They have been using there imagination to draw a picture. They labelled characters emotions and for Veruca they wrote things like rude sassy ect. They have been trying to get the hang of using inference while reading. 


Have you ever been to St. Modens care home well this week the p5s has been helping the elderly by making gift boxes how sweet is that! Other than that, they have been doing maths with choosing jobs with math and with looking at inventions and how math plays an important role in the world. 


This week the p6’s has been doing French with Mrs Smith. They have been learning how to ask how to ask someone what the day is like today and how to respond. In their health and wellbeing, they have been Learning about how bad smoking and drinking is and how to make good decisions. In maths, they have been doing 2D and 3D shapes like how to draw triangles circles and how to find the diameter and radius. The p6’s have also been reading the first part of the Beowulf story and making a story map about it. 


Have you ever had a visit from a PSW from the BIG Fraserburgh Academy? Well, the P7’s has, and they were listening to a Presentation that the PSW presented! P7L have been creating a personal project! They have chosen between 3 subjects which were: Leisure, Entertainment and World Cup! We would personally choose Entertainment, What about you? They have also had parents and guardians come in for Sharing the Learning! They have been showing their parents and guardians their improvement in their coding skills. The final thing they have been learning is algebra! All together we think they have been working very hard this week! 

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