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The Big Conversation – 1 year on

The senior pupils of the Pupil Council took part in “The Big Carnoustie Conversation, 1 Year On” at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel on Wednesday 10 March 2016.

The 3 core objectives which were clear from the initial report were:

(i) better retail offers/shopping in the High Street
(ii) better and more co-ordinated range of facilities
(iii) greater attraction for tourists

Some steps have been taken already including increasing car parking on Links Parade, the possible development of a restaurant at the sea front and the re-creation of the existing Rest Garden.

Some of the exciting developments the children were asked to think about were “digital signage” to inform tourists about the sights and sounds of Carnoustie and how to make the sea front more attractive.

The representatives were a credit to the school and had lots of brilliant ideas.