Primary 2a and 2b

21 June 2016
Primary 2a and 2b visited the RNLI Arbroath on their recent school trip and donated money to the Women’s RNLI.
lifeboat receipt

21 April 2016
We have been looking at the signs and sounds of Spring in the forest. We have been discussing different sounds we like and dislike and we’ve been talking about high and low pitch. We are hoping to make our own musical instruments. Now the good weather is coming, we will look at safe places to play when we are outside.

5 February 2016
P2b – we are trying to be healthy and increase our stamina.  We are learning to skip and
co-ordinate our hands and feet together!  This is quite a challenge.  Our target is to skip 10 times continuously.  We are also learning to tie our skipping ropes neatly!
We have been learning about adjectives and how they tell us more about a noun.  We have been using adjectives to describe what our alien’s look like and act like.  some of them are very scary!

14 January 2016
This term we are learning about space and in particular we are focusing on the Earth, Sun and Moon and how these affect our lives.
For recycling and sustainability we are hoping to collect as many used stamps as we can to donate to support our local RNLI.