Primary 7a and 7b

21 April 2016

We are excited and all looking forward to a very full last term in Primary 7. Our Dalguise Trip and Activity Week is fast approaching. Transition events are continuing with Carnoustie High School, including a day visit in May and our 3 days visit during June. In class this term we are learning about bio-diversity. We will be investigating a variety of eco-systems and the animals and plants that live there.

5 February 2016
This week in P7 we have been investigating how events in Europe after the end of WWI ultimately led to WWII.  We have focused particularly on “The Treaty of Versailles”, the depression and Hitler’s rise to power.
We have also been learning how to write an effective diary entry using alliteration, similes and metaphors as well as learning about proper and improper fractions and mixed numbers.
P7 have also launched a new lunchtime initiative to support our P1’s and P2’s in the dining hall.

14 January 2016
This term we will be learning about the world at war.  We will be studying World War I and World War II and how this affected life in Scotland at the time.
We’d love to hear about any stories of memories Carnoustie families have about wartime.
Our transition work with Carnoustie High School continues.  This term when we visit, we will take part in science and geography lessons.

December 2015
A short video presentation of our gymnastics in P7b.