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Crispin Litter Critter

Crispin made a surprise visit to Burnside Primary School yesterday to remind the children to bin their litter.  Crispin was hot and tired after a full morning of checking the playground but was pleased to report that the children had made a good job of keeping their playground and school tidy.  Well done boys and girls – keep up the good work!

crispin litter critter 2016

Food is Free

Food is Free Carnoustie is a community building and gardening movement that has evolved from the Food is Free project which originally started in Austin, Texas but has now become a community movement around the world.  Food is Free Carnoustie hopes to bring people together with the purpose of taking neglected spaces and gardens and turning them into community gardens which then provides free harvests to anyone.  Once the fruit and veg is ready, it will be harvested and displayed in various public places around the town and offered free to anyone who wants it….yes that’s right FREE.

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ECO Garden

We are developing our ECO Garden and are looking for some help in the form of seeds or young plants.  The P7 classes have also started planting a “Victory Garden” as part of their war effort!

We would be delighted if you could give up a little of your spare time to help out in our ECO and Wildlife Gardens at any time during the school week.

Please contact Mrs Goodwin if you can volunteer as a “one-off” or on a regular basis.

Many thanks