Primary 5a and 5b

21 April 2016

Primary 5A and 5B had a fantastic time visiting the Botanic Gardens in Dundee in the last week before the Easter holidays. We took lots of previous learning with us and our visit helped to deepen our knowledge of the plants living in a Rainforest system. We now look forward to our new mini topics ‘Human Body Systems’ and ‘Light and Sound’.

5 February 2016
P5b: we looked at BOLT (Building Our Learning Together) on the interactive whiteboard and added words such as “co-operative”, “positive”, “confidence”.
This week we are looking at creating a mnemonic for learning.

14 January 2016
Primary 5 wish you all a Happy New Year 2016!
We are currently learning Scottish poems – in particular those of Robert Burns such as “Scots Wha Hae”.
We are looking at the mearing of Scottish words and taking part in studying moving image education throught the animated film “Brave”