Angus STEM Festival 2018 – free, fun, family event.

The Angus STEM Festival 2018
The Angus STEM Festival will be held this year in Arbroath Academy on Saturday 2nd June from 10:00 to 14:00.

As well as fantastic, interactive science workshops from Dundee Science Centre, Aberdeen Science Centre & Generation Science the Angus STEM Festival will also have a STEM Marketplace full of fun, hands-on activities.

Stalls include:
Lantra –
As well as answering your questions on the range of STEM learning and careers skills opportunities within the land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation industries, Lantra will be bringing their interactive buzz-game and Google Cardboard headset showing their 360o VR Agriculture video

The Royal Society of Chemistry Seaside chemistry –
There’s a huge amount of chemistry around the seaside, from micro plastics to some surprising natural products.The Royal Society of Chemistry will be giving you a closer look at what’s in the sand as well as the wrigglier side of seaweed. They’ll also give you some food for thought for your next walk along the beach!

Big Bang Science
Build the tallest free standing tower using RAF STEM Kits and learn about the importance of design and team work!

PDSA Veterinary Nurse
Learn about the care of animals and have a go on the resuscitation dummy dog!

Duncan of Jordanstone
The school of Architecture from Duncan of Jordanstone will offer pupils the chance to engage with design project models and use some of the digital tools used in creating building designs.

Green Power
Green Power invites you to find out more about their ‘Green Goblin’ kit car and then take part in their ‘Pit Stop Challenge’.  The Pit Stop Challenge involves teams of 4 working as a ‘pit crew’ to change all of the wheels on the Green Goblin as quickly as possible.

University of Dundee Life Sciences
1) Make your own snot: Learn all about the composition and everyday function of snot and try your hand at making your own.
2) Hand hygiene – when sharing isn’t caring: using UV-fluorescent hand gel investigate how easy it is to pass germs along to each other through hand-to-hand contact and then test out how good you are at washing germs off your hands.

Emma Ewen / STEM Ambassador
Use a microscope to visualise stained tissue slides.

Early Experitech UK
Play the ‘Periodic Table’ app, and take part in a number of fun, hands-on experiments including: carbon dioxide production, surface tension and saponification made easy!

Dundee & Angus College
Dundee & Angus College are excited to showcase their new ‘CSI Science’ bus!  Can you use science to solve the mystery?