Phoenix’s Endeavor Project

What is Endeavor? 

Endeavor is when you pick a project for yourself to do over a certain period of time that we get and in school we do endeavor on a Friday afternoon and sometimes the whole day. 

What is my Endeavor

My endeavor is 2d animation I pick this topic because I have tried it once and I want to do it for a project long term over a couple months.  

What have I done so far

We are almost done with endeavor so I have done mostly done everything. I have done a poster, a quiz, a website and a animation.

What I found challenging in my Endeavor

What I found challenging was It took a lot of time drawing each frame of my animation also when I finished my animation some of my animation I deleted by accident so I had to do that.





Building almost complete in P1/2

As part of their Houses and Homes topic, children in P1/2 have been working hard to build their own houses, complete with hinged doors!  They have even learned that roofs are actually triangular prisms! They are using Plan, Do, Review to help them complete their houses.  Hopefully we will invite mums and dads in to see the completed houses soon.