Building almost complete in P1/2

As part of their Houses and Homes topic, children in P1/2 have been working hard to build their own houses, complete with hinged doors!  They have even learned that roofs are actually triangular prisms! They are using Plan, Do, Review to help them complete their houses.  Hopefully we will invite mums and dads in to see the completed houses soon.

Camping in P1/2

As part of a topic on houses and homes, P1/2 have been learning all about materials. Thinking about the story of the Three Little Pigs, they first checked to check the strength of straw, sticks and bricks as building materials. Then then heard that the three little pigs had gone on a camping trip and had used lots of different materials as coats and tents….and it had started to rain. They tested out different materials to see what was the most waterproof. They were very impressed with balloon material!! Then they worked together to put up a tent in the classroom (although the tent is waterproof, the very strong winds meant that they did not put it up outside!)