Geology With P5/6/7

p567 050P5/6/7 have been doing geology as their topic. They have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy. Renewable sources are sources that will not run out and non-renewable sources are sources that will run out. They also have been learning how the energy is converted into electricity. They made posters on renewable and non-renewable sources. Some non-renewable sources are coal, gas, oil and nuclear power. Renewable sources are wind power, solar power, geothermal, tidal power and biomass. Wind power is using a wind-mill and when the wind comes it spins the wind-mill and creates electricity. They will be going on a field trip to smash up rocks next Friday.


weatherPrimary 34 topic this term is weather.  They have been finding out which clouds are which, facts about storm Henry and they have been making graphs on excel about how high wind speeds are. We have made rain gauges and anonometers to measure the wind speed.  We have also made an animation of the water cycle.  It was very interesting to learn about.

Bird Facts with the Nursery by the Eco Group

DSCN2116The nursery are doing a topic on birds and they have a bag of bird seed that will last a whole year.

Also they made bird food balls and this is how you make them you get: bird seed, bread crumbs, bread crusts and water. The crows try to steal the food but they can’t because the birdhouse that they made it too small for the crows to fit in.  They have also bought new bird feeders.

At Joint Sessions with P1/2 David Wood from the RSPB has been working with the children and he came into the school to tell them about birds and went bird watching around the school grounds with the children.

Since the weather  has been horrible they weren’t as many as they had hoped. They saw lots of geese in the field and lots of Black Hoods Crows.

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